Sunday, November 26, 2006


It has been a while since I posted! I have so many things to update the blog on. I have been so down that things weren't moving as fast as I had hoped (keep in mind I was making very unrealistic expectations for our adoption). Well we got updated pictures this week AND our director is going to Guatemala this week and is taking a package for us AND checking on DNA for us! WOOHOO! I hope she gets good news and even more pictures for us (can I be greedy??)!! Here is Kemry Abigail at 2 months wearing one of the little tops we sent her (the pants are probably way too small by now). Isn't she GORGEOUS?

Sweet beautiful Kemry
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This is my favorite!!! She looks like a little cabbage patch kid here. Her little mouth is SO precious! I love the expression on her face. She is just so GIRLY looking! Her little eyes make me melt!
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Miss Serious with some major love handles :) She must be a good eater! Our update shows she's taking 8 bottles a day! I believe it! She went from 5lb11oz to 8lb in her first month.
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I just love her little mouth! Can you all tell I'm head over heels in love???? :) She is just PERFECT!
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kemry is 6 weeks old today and I'm really down this morning. I know we have a long way to go and lots of waiting ahead of us, but I really need a boost. I really want new pictures or a medical update or something. I have no idea what she even looks like now. I know she looks nothing like the pictures we have because newborns change so much in that first month. I dream constantly about what she could look like now. I know our agency is wonderful and will get it to us as they get it, but I just really need to hear something positive today. Yesterday was 4 weeks since we accepted her referral. It hasn't been too bad until today. :(

Monday, October 30, 2006

Today we went to Mammaw's house! We lived beside my grandparents growing up, so we are very close to them. Their house is more like home to us than anywhere else. They have the prettiest trees in the county every fall! They are usually as bright as a piece of butterscotch candy. This year they aren't turning as well maybe because we had some early freezes. Anyway, we had to have pictures made down there. :)
Karly in my favorite tree growing up!

Karaline and Karson
Karly being goofy! HA HA Doesn't she look funny?
All 4 in the leaves...I really wanted a better one than this. I guess we'll have to try again with our leaves.
Karson doesn't stop talking long enough for a picture! HA HA

Karaline in the leaves. She is having major sensory issues here and that's why there's not a very good smile!




Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gymnastics meet

On Saturday night we went to Karly's gymnastics meet. We were very proud of her. She did well. It was her first meet in her new leotard. Pictures from our last meet should be back soon and I'll post those.

Then we went to a cool store on the way home and the kids had a blast. It was a really neat store. They loved the HUGE aquarium. I had to get pictures of my kids playing the shooting game because it is so out of character for them. None of them are gun fans! :)

TOTAL coincidence Kollin had on camo.

Here's my Karly with sparkles in her hair from her competition shooting a gun! ha ha
My sweet little nature girl, Bambi loving, soft spoken, animal rights activist! HA HA

Kollin and baby Alex

Uncle John and Alex

Karly and baby Alex

Oh my goodness this was almost a disaster! Karson wanted so bad to hold him, so we arranged it so that he could hold him with Kasey basically holding him. He was WAY too confident in himself. He wanted to carry him around.....told him no. He wanted to hold him up high...told him no. Then he just sat up straight, pulled his knees up underneath Alex and threw him up to Kasey. He was all done!

Karaline & Baby Alex

I love this hineys are so cute, but when I rolled him over, he just held his head right up like a little turtle and was just looking around. He didn't mind one bit being on his tummy. I've never seen a 3 week old do so well with this!

Friday, October 27, 2006

The kids are home from school today so we've just vegged. We've spent the whole day playing, reading stories, and cuddling. It has been SO NICE to not go anywhere all day. Tonight my sister & brother-in-law are coming over with our new nephew baby Alex for dinner. It will be Alex's first visit to Aunt Kelly & Uncle John's house since the kids have been sick since he was born. I have spent days sanitizing the whole house making sure no cold germs are left! :) We cannot wait to see little Alex! Of course I'll post pictures as soon as they leave and the kids are in bed! :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Today we found out that our dossier arrived in Guatemala!!! We should hear something about DNA within the next 3-5 weeks we were told. This means our attorney will get authorization from the US embassy to have Kemry and her birth mother scheduled to have their DNA tested and photos taken of them together to prove Kemry really is her birth child.

Now the counting can finally begin!!! Six to 8 months from now we should have little Kemry in our family forever!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Friday night Karaline was playing romper room as usual on the back of the couch (they play mommy and baby jaguar from Dora) and she flipped over the back landing on her face. :( She got a horrible carpet burn on her nose, bit through her lip, and got a knot on her her forehead. We thought she broke her nose! It scared us to death! Saturday morning after it scabbed, she looked in the mirror and started crying. Poor baby. It has only gotten worse from this picture as it heals and gets darker.


Thursday I got to spend the whole morning with baby Alex! Kasey called me and asked if I would go to the peds with her for his 2 week checkup. WOULD I? I loved it. Even though the little stinker peed AND pooped on me during the exam, I loved every second! :) Here are some new pictures with our phones...I promise to have better pictures soon from my camera. He gained 15oz in a little less than 2 weeks which is GREAT! :) He could actually be bigger than Kemry now. I cannot WAIT to get an update on her. My mom says he looks just like I did as a baby in that first picture of him in the tub. My Karaline started out looking just like Aunt Kasey too but looks just like mommy now.
I havent' been able to upload pictures to the blog in a few days and it is still locking down on me when I try, so I'm going to type away and pray it works this time. :)

Ashley, I tried to post to your blog about our voice recorder but it kept locking up on me. If it posted YEAA, but if it didn't I wanted to tell you we got our voice recorder at Walmart for $30. They had the microcassette kind and the digital kind. The digital kind looked much more complex to use and explain so we got the microcassette kind. It doesn't hold as much time, but I was afraid the FM would accidentally erase our message on a digital. I've heard they are found elsewhere for cheaper, but we were stuck in walmart for 3 hrs having tires done so we got everything we could while we were there. LOL

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


GOOD NEWS for us today!!!! Kemry's birth certificate came in sometime last week and was all correct, so our POA will not have to be redone!!! This actually saves us at least 2 weeks! Plus our Miami part of our dossier arrived at our agency today and we thought it had been lost!! I have been on the phone several times today trying to track it down. Come to find out, they just never scanned it when it arrived or left the Miami Guatemalan Consulate! Now we're just waiting on our Atlanta documents to leave the Consulate and our agency will send it to Guatemala for translations and then DNA!


Today was a crazy day in Guatemala!!! First we got news by the message board that the Guatemalan Attorney General had issued a "law" stating that anyone caught with a baby without a letter from Family Court (which has not been a requirement so NO one has this), would be considered to be "baby trafficking" and would be arrested and the baby sent to an orphanage. This includes visiting parents and rumor was going around that the Marriott in Guatemala City was or was about to be raided. Also it was being told that some people that help adoptions were being killed, beaten, and harrassed.

Lucy quickly let us know that she didn't know what was true and what wasn't, but she would get on it quickly. She spent the better part of the day on the phone with Guatemala. While there's still no clear answer, she has confirmed that the Attorney General's plan was cancelled because it was illegal. However, this doesn't stop the police from enforcing it by harrassing anyone involved in adoptions. The police is not very "clean" in Guatemala and feared by everyone because they will arrest for little or no reason and detain a person for months. In the end, the attorneys are encouraging families not to visit until things are cleared up, the foster mothers shouldn't be outside even for the pediatrician visits unless it's an emergency, and if you are visiting, not to leave your hotel room with the baby. I am praying for those already down there or leaving soon for a visit trip. Safety is such a big issue. It's just another reminder that Guatemala is no where near a stable country just yet after 30 years of civil wars which is why so many mothers have to give their children away. There's little hope for so many of the country's people.


The kids have been sick so I haven't been able to see baby Alex in 12 days!! I'm going into withdrawals! I am dying to scoop him up and give him some Auntie Kelly lovins! Kayla (our youngest sister) sent me this on my cell yesterday and it made me miss him even more! He is changing so much!

package to our sweetie

We finally got a package together to send to Kemry! It was a lot of fun shopping for her. It's the pinkest package I've ever seen! :) Everything we send has to fit into a 1 gallon ziplock bag. It is actually heading down with a family going for a visit trip which is a great (CHEAP) way to send things. We sent 2 outfits, 2 hairbows, socks, tights for her dress, disposable cameras (2 for each month for the next 2 months), a voice recorder with our voices recorded on there reading children's stories to her, a photo album wiht about 30 of pictures of our family and friends labeled in Spanish, and lots of extra batteries for the voice recorder. We also sent some small gifts for the foster sisters. We have a whole other bag of things that wouldn't fit! :) Next time!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Today was COLD! We went from highs of 80s to 50s in one day. Kollin had a soccer game this morning at 10am and we froze. We were all bundled up and covered up with blankets. He did so well. Then Karaline had ballet rehearsals for an hour and a half. It has been a very laid back day. Here are some more pictures of Kemry. :) I'm learning so much more about her and the area she is from. It's all so exciting to me.

Kemry rooting for her hand. :)

Kemry looks like she's streching here. :)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Alex steals my heart

Today I took the kids to school, Karson to preschool, and then I went to visit baby Alex at the hospital. It was great. I was the only visitor. I got to start the long process of spoiling my nephew rotten. :) He is so precious. He seems so tiny it's hard to believe Kemry is even smaller. I cannot wait until she is home so we can get these two together. I would love to have pictures of the two of them together now! Here are a few more pictures.

Mommy Kasey and Baby Alex

Baby Alex on Auntie Kelly's lap

Baby Alex close up.....awwww

I'm an aunt!!!!!

I'M AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!! After a crazy process, baby Alex was born at 2:22 Wednesday!!! I got to be in there with her and video. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life!! I knew completely what was going on after doing it 4 times myself, but it was so different not being the one on the table (HA HA). I cried and cried! Poor Kasey was lucky but not so lucky at the same time. Her dr won't allow epidurals until they're 5cm. From 5am when they arrived (2cm) until 1pm, they kept telling her that she wasn't technically in labor yet. At 1pm I got the nurse to check her - 5cm! Then they said she could have her epidural but not before a bag of iv fluids got in her system (they hadn't even started her IV yet because they were calling her outpatient!!!!) AND he broke her water at the same time of course intensifying already unbearable contractions. After 45 minutes of waiting for the IV bag to finish, the nurse came in and said the anesthesiologist was in surgery and she would be ok waiting a bit. Kasey started getting sick and she checked her again and said, "Wow you are 8cm." Kasey LOST IT! She was so upset that they had ignored her all day and kept saying she wasn't in true labor yet and made her miss out on an epidural. She was so desperate and sad it made us all SO mad and I was crying for her. They let her have one anyway and of course as soon as it was in (but before it took effect) she was 10 and having to push. He was born in just like 10 minutes. He was 6lb 3oz, 18 3/4 in long and the LOUDEST cry I've ever heard! HA HA He has a Steven Tyler mouth. lol He is SOOOO cute I cannot stand it. I took at least 100 pictures just in the 20 minutes after he was born.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Oh I forgot to add that our sweet baby is with a great foster family! She has 4 older foster sisters ages 4, 12, 16, and 19! She will definitely be used to the attention already when she comes home to us! :) Need a few more pictures?

Here she is crying...AWWWWWW

Another sweet girl picture!


We received a referral today of a beautiful baby girl!!! We haven't formally accepted her yet (no time between referral, talking to John, and the end of the day), but we are so in love already. We are planning to accept her tomorrow and get more details. When Tammy called me, I didn't hear much after she told me we had a referral. :) She may have to tell me again. Ok here are the details. Our sweet gorgeous baby was born on September 19, the day before Kollin's 11th birthday. She was 5lb 11oz and 18in long. We are planning to name her Kemry Abigail. We're already aching to hold her. I found myself already thinking "Wonder what she's doing right now? Could she be eating? Getting a diaper change? Snoozing?" just as soon as it sunk in that we have a referral! HA HA I have thanked God a thousand times at least already. How could we be so worthy? Here is the picture of our gorgeous little girl.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yesterday was Balloon Day at our school, our school carnival. I had to work the guessing jar booth the entire time, 9am-2pm. John had all of the kids solo. In addition to having all of the kids at a carnival solo, he had to have Kollin ready to sing in the 5th grade Chorus at 11am at balloon day then to his soccer game across town at 11:30. Karly had to flip with her gymnastics team at 12:30 at balloon day and then had ballet rehearsal at 1:30 across town. HE EVEN GOT PICTURES! This is just icing on the cake! I was so proud of him! He did a fantastic job and I think he appreciates all the running I do on a daily basis a bit better. :) My parents and John's parents both showed up to help, which was wonderful! My mother actually won the matchbox car guessing jar with her guess of 66 cars and little Karson (with his dad's help) actually guess the right number for the bubble gum jar. Here are some pictures! There are more of Karson and Karaline because they stayed WITH John at Balloon Day. Kollin and Karly were off with their friends. :)

Karaline being goofy
Karson being goofy
The two jars our family won
Karaline & Karson climbing the bouncy thing
Karson getting his hair colored
Karly with funky hair
Karaline! I didn't know she had that daredevil spirit to stretch out like that! She is usually much more conservative. :)
Karly helping Karson be brave enough to slide
Karson and Karaline jumping in the moon bounce
Kollin's chorus! They were so good! Kollin is right in the middle in the red. Steven, the little hispanic boy behind Kollin sang a solo of God Bless America and brought the whole place to tears! It was beautiful!