Wednesday, October 18, 2006


GOOD NEWS for us today!!!! Kemry's birth certificate came in sometime last week and was all correct, so our POA will not have to be redone!!! This actually saves us at least 2 weeks! Plus our Miami part of our dossier arrived at our agency today and we thought it had been lost!! I have been on the phone several times today trying to track it down. Come to find out, they just never scanned it when it arrived or left the Miami Guatemalan Consulate! Now we're just waiting on our Atlanta documents to leave the Consulate and our agency will send it to Guatemala for translations and then DNA!


Guatamama said...

Hey girl! Wanna hear something funny?? When our docs left the SOS they didn't scan our package either. It was that last dumb doc that they missed the first time and I was FREAKING out! I nearly lost it with the lady, but then, all of a sudden it was at the courier. When we get our referral and I have to do all that, I'm driving it myself this time. Can't handle that again LOL

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Ashley said...

That is such good news!!! :)