Sunday, October 22, 2006

I havent' been able to upload pictures to the blog in a few days and it is still locking down on me when I try, so I'm going to type away and pray it works this time. :)

Ashley, I tried to post to your blog about our voice recorder but it kept locking up on me. If it posted YEAA, but if it didn't I wanted to tell you we got our voice recorder at Walmart for $30. They had the microcassette kind and the digital kind. The digital kind looked much more complex to use and explain so we got the microcassette kind. It doesn't hold as much time, but I was afraid the FM would accidentally erase our message on a digital. I've heard they are found elsewhere for cheaper, but we were stuck in walmart for 3 hrs having tires done so we got everything we could while we were there. LOL


Ashley said...

No worries! It posted. :) Thanks for the tip, I am going to have to check it out. It may end up being more worth it then doing the build-a-bear. Though I am tempted to do both! :)

John & Kelly Cash said...

Oh then I'm sorry if it posted twice! HAHA I tried it several times. I want to do a build a bear too! HA HA I think we recorded 30 minutes onto the cassette (but it could have been stretched out to 60min I think changing the settings). We read all of our favorite books to her. Even a couple of the kids' favorites like Thomas the Tank! HA HA I want to send down this crib thing that holds our picture so the FM can stick the voice recorder in it, turn it on, and Kemry can hear our voices coming from the picture. Thnk that's a lot to ask?? :)