Sunday, October 01, 2006


It has been 1 week since we received our 171H (CIS Clearance to adopt from another country) and our dossier packet from our agency. We have been working our tails off all week getting this dossier finished so we can have a referral soon! I cannot believe how difficult it is to get it perfect! I have been completely out of my comfort zone this week asking others to do things "my" way rather than theirs! :) We even had a lady at the Davidson County Clerk's Office call and yell at me saying she didn't appreciate me telling her how to do her job. YIKES! People just don't understand how picky the Guatemalan government is about these documents. They are trying so hard to rid fraud from the system and we must respect that. If we want a child from their country, the least we can do is have perfect documents. Our agency is extra picky in addition to this which I love! They have a high success rate with PGN (which is like the Guatemalan Attorney General who signs off on all of the adoption cases). We still have 2 documents to do, one document to REdo, and a few documents in Tennessee and Alabama offices getting seals. Then we will be ready to take our dossier to the Secretary of State in Tennessee for certification and then to the Guatemalan Consulate in Washington, D.C for authentication. That feels like such a long time away. I'm so ready for our referral!

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