Saturday, October 07, 2006

Today was COLD! We went from highs of 80s to 50s in one day. Kollin had a soccer game this morning at 10am and we froze. We were all bundled up and covered up with blankets. He did so well. Then Karaline had ballet rehearsals for an hour and a half. It has been a very laid back day. Here are some more pictures of Kemry. :) I'm learning so much more about her and the area she is from. It's all so exciting to me.

Kemry rooting for her hand. :)

Kemry looks like she's streching here. :)


Kerry said...

Hi Kelly! I never noticed your blog before. I'll be adding you to my favorites and my daily check-ins! She's beautiful!
Kerry (Guatmom2006-Forum)

Guatamama said...

LOOK how big that little diaper is!!! Just like Kerry, I never noticed your new blog, so glad I found it ... now if I could just figure out how to add blogs to livejournal LOL


John & Kelly Cash said...

Just like you all not noticing my blog, I had no idea I could have comments! HA HA I still need to figure out how to add my favorite blogs to my blog too. Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my Kemry! :)