Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Today was a crazy day in Guatemala!!! First we got news by the message board that the Guatemalan Attorney General had issued a "law" stating that anyone caught with a baby without a letter from Family Court (which has not been a requirement so NO one has this), would be considered to be "baby trafficking" and would be arrested and the baby sent to an orphanage. This includes visiting parents and rumor was going around that the Marriott in Guatemala City was or was about to be raided. Also it was being told that some people that help adoptions were being killed, beaten, and harrassed.

Lucy quickly let us know that she didn't know what was true and what wasn't, but she would get on it quickly. She spent the better part of the day on the phone with Guatemala. While there's still no clear answer, she has confirmed that the Attorney General's plan was cancelled because it was illegal. However, this doesn't stop the police from enforcing it by harrassing anyone involved in adoptions. The police is not very "clean" in Guatemala and feared by everyone because they will arrest for little or no reason and detain a person for months. In the end, the attorneys are encouraging families not to visit until things are cleared up, the foster mothers shouldn't be outside even for the pediatrician visits unless it's an emergency, and if you are visiting, not to leave your hotel room with the baby. I am praying for those already down there or leaving soon for a visit trip. Safety is such a big issue. It's just another reminder that Guatemala is no where near a stable country just yet after 30 years of civil wars which is why so many mothers have to give their children away. There's little hope for so many of the country's people.

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Ashley said...

I hate when things like this occur. It is so stressful for all of us waiting for babies, and starting the process.