Tuesday, October 03, 2006


We received a referral today of a beautiful baby girl!!! We haven't formally accepted her yet (no time between referral, talking to John, and the end of the day), but we are so in love already. We are planning to accept her tomorrow and get more details. When Tammy called me, I didn't hear much after she told me we had a referral. :) She may have to tell me again. Ok here are the details. Our sweet gorgeous baby was born on September 19, the day before Kollin's 11th birthday. She was 5lb 11oz and 18in long. We are planning to name her Kemry Abigail. We're already aching to hold her. I found myself already thinking "Wonder what she's doing right now? Could she be eating? Getting a diaper change? Snoozing?" just as soon as it sunk in that we have a referral! HA HA I have thanked God a thousand times at least already. How could we be so worthy? Here is the picture of our gorgeous little girl.

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Ashley said...

At night, when my husband and I are watching TV, coming in late from somewhere, etc.. We often say "Well it is such and such time, Kiara better be asleep by now!" LOL.