Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yesterday was Balloon Day at our school, our school carnival. I had to work the guessing jar booth the entire time, 9am-2pm. John had all of the kids solo. In addition to having all of the kids at a carnival solo, he had to have Kollin ready to sing in the 5th grade Chorus at 11am at balloon day then to his soccer game across town at 11:30. Karly had to flip with her gymnastics team at 12:30 at balloon day and then had ballet rehearsal at 1:30 across town. HE EVEN GOT PICTURES! This is just icing on the cake! I was so proud of him! He did a fantastic job and I think he appreciates all the running I do on a daily basis a bit better. :) My parents and John's parents both showed up to help, which was wonderful! My mother actually won the matchbox car guessing jar with her guess of 66 cars and little Karson (with his dad's help) actually guess the right number for the bubble gum jar. Here are some pictures! There are more of Karson and Karaline because they stayed WITH John at Balloon Day. Kollin and Karly were off with their friends. :)

Karaline being goofy
Karson being goofy
The two jars our family won
Karaline & Karson climbing the bouncy thing
Karson getting his hair colored
Karly with funky hair
Karaline! I didn't know she had that daredevil spirit to stretch out like that! She is usually much more conservative. :)
Karly helping Karson be brave enough to slide
Karson and Karaline jumping in the moon bounce
Kollin's chorus! They were so good! Kollin is right in the middle in the red. Steven, the little hispanic boy behind Kollin sang a solo of God Bless America and brought the whole place to tears! It was beautiful!

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