Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Fun

Aunt Caryn and Uncle Joey's Visit

John's younger sister Caryn and her husband Joey and stopped in for a visit on their way moving from Georgia to Texas (she's a combat medic in the Army). This was their first time meeting Kemry as well. We went over to John's parent's house to grill out with them the other night and for them to meet Kemry. I forgot my camera but luckily John's dad took plenty of pictures and emailed them to me.
Daddy and Uncle Joey pulling out the 4 wheeler

Daddy and Karly..no helmets so I said GO SLOW! What was I thinking with KARLY on there? I set them up to break the rules.

Kemry checking Aunt Caryn out

Who goes next?? Karly has the giant helmet on but Karaline says it was HER turn....this goes on with everything they do all day LOL
Hands over the ears

She took them off! :)

They went waaay down there

HEe Hee...poor Kollin. I don't think he realizes he's about to turn 12. I love his safety minded little head. He's as big or bigger than Uncle Joey. :)

Karly and Uncle Joey
"Can I ride it all by myself???" Ummm no :)
Time to eat!

Kemry eating corn on the cob off the cob. :)
Karly teasing Uncle Joey and Kemry just hanging out in her favorite spot
It LOOKS like Marbles is licking Kemry in the face but they're actually a couple of feet apart. HA HA

Karly striking a post in the outfit Gran got her
Karson just kinda hangs out at the bar where all the snacks are :) He is not interested in the 4 wheeler at all - too loud and fast.


THIS is what I woke up to thanks to my awesome hubby. It's days like this I live for then regret when I get on the scale. ;) Now to get 5 kids and myself ready to go shoe shopping. That USED to be something I looked forward to! :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Couldn't live without this...

(sorry these are blurry....flash still broken)

The BebePod has been a lifesaver to us since Kemry came home. In fact, we didn't buy one before picking her up because we were assumed she would be too old for it already. When we got home (with no trunk control and not sitting up at all) we thought about ordering a Bumbo and waiting for it but we needed it too soon and had to go to the store and settle for a bebepod. It has been one of the best buys we've made (aside from our sling and bjorn! LOL).
But sadly I think we're about to grow out of it. This is how it starts out...
Then this! See the bottom starting to come off the counter??? She pushes with her little foot trying to turn it over! Their "guarantee" is that it can't be turned over, but do we really want to test that?
Here's the other view of that


YEAHHH two of my bestest buddies, Ruthanne and Tara, are blogging now!!!! I'm so happy now because they're both very funny and have extremely adorable children I'm hoping they'll post a lot about! :)

Ruthanne's blog is Just The Two Of Us

Tara's blog is The Silly Santillis

Saturday, July 28, 2007


How long can a baby stand and look out a window? LOL We played for over an hour just looking out the window. What an exciting life we live!

Who's out there? Even Bentley is intrigued!
I think I like her...she's pretty enough to make me smile...
It's KARLY!!!!!!!
Put that window up so we can talk!
Mooom is he supposed to do that???
Tired of standing...I will just sit here and talk to her
Bentley your whining to get out to her is getting old
Yeaaaa Karson and Karaline are joining us too....who can resist Karly looking in the window? (told ya we live an exciting life)
My pretty girl, Karaline

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cowboy Alex

Cowboy Alex

This is my nephew Alex! Isn't he a doll?? He is 15 days younger than Kemry and they're so cute together. We actually got her referral 2 days before he was born....it was an AWESOME week! Every Wednesday morning we take the kids to the movies and then either go swimming or come back here to our house and play. Kemry was taking a nap so we decided to get some pictures of Alex (it's WAY too chaotic to do pictures when BOTH of them are awake lol). I couldn't get my text and the slideshow to both work in the same post, so I'm posting them to 2 different ones. LOL Below is the slideshow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter in a day or two

My little Harry Potter fan
This is the only way we have seen Kollin since very early Saturday morning. He came over to me about 30 minutes ago, plopped the book down beside me, and burst into tears. For Kollin to cry, in front of someone at that, it's a big deal. He wouldn't tell me what was wrong. Finally he muttered, "It's all over now." Awwww my poor little boy. It has been a long ride for him. It seems since he was 6 (5yrs ago), we have always been waiting on the next book to come out. I'm hoping she has a spin off series. :) Doesn't Harry Potter's kids need documenting now?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Temper Temper

I'm going to see if this works. This is Kemry on the deck after we took her tutu pictures. Before I got the video going she was bouncing all over the place and giggling up a storm. The blanket she was standing on kept slipping and sliding around though so she kept falling. Look at her temper when John sits her down just for a minute. She kept dropping a stick we gave her to keep her still during the pictures and that's what she's looking for. LOL

Photo time

We'll try this again :)
We attempted the brown tutu pictures on our visit trip. Kemry wasn't having any part of it. We had already taken tons with the pink tutu and she was over the tutu pictures. :) That's actually what I was going to try yesterday when I discovered my camera broken. When I realized it was just the flash I decided to try to take them when Kemry woke up from her nap feeling much better. My camera still wasn't behaving so the lighting and shutter wasn't right, but I did get some I'll take for now (until I get a new camera...then we'll go for attempt #3!).

sick kiddos

Kemry and Karson are both sick. :( Karson had no symptoms of getting sick and suddenly sneezed (not JUST a sneeze...a 10 tissue sneeze) at the park the other day and has been congested ever since. Kemry started getting sick last night and is also teething. So she is drooling nonstop and her nose is pourning nonstop...she's so juicy! Ewwww. lol Karson feels fine..hasn't even slowed down. Kemry feels rotten and has just cried, fussed, or screamed nonstop. Here are some pictures of my two little sickies (first two are from our pick up trip and the last one is from last month).