Thursday, July 05, 2007


Another picnic! :) This one was actually on Tuesday. We were invited to my sister's inlaws house for swimming, grilling out, and fishing. John had to work but me and the kids went.
My dad and the kids fishing

Karaline is more of an explorer/scientist than a fisherman. :)
My nephew Alex is 9mo old (2 weeks younger than Kemry) and already swimming! My sister is as cautious and over protective as I am as a mom (LOL) but from one of the first times he was in the water he was nearly killing himself just to put his face under the water. It started out them letting him go under because they saw him holding his breath when he would stick his face under in the little splashy part of his crab floaty and then they started letting him swim back and forth to each other. It looks so strange to me. LOL
Pappaw and Kemry eating MORE watermelon...she's definitely my Guatamelon!
Karson and his melon

Swimming with Pappaw

Karson warming up on the concrete
Must be nice to be 20 and be able to wear a bikini, sit all alone in the sun reading a Star Magazine for cute haircuts. ;)
Aunt Kasey and Karaline
Kollin doing the penguin

Kollin helping uncle Daniel with the grilling

Karly in the "pretty chair"
Don't know what kinda look Kollin is giving me here
GOOSE!!!! Aka Aunt Kayla with her weird new Top Gun looking sunglasses. She says they're cool...I think I'm getting too old.
Mom and Dad with all the grandkids.

My patriotic beauty
Karson and his dog
Eating Cheetos and lotsa grass

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Home sweet home said...

The watermelon pictures are priceless !! Love them !!