Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Fun

Aunt Caryn and Uncle Joey's Visit

John's younger sister Caryn and her husband Joey and stopped in for a visit on their way moving from Georgia to Texas (she's a combat medic in the Army). This was their first time meeting Kemry as well. We went over to John's parent's house to grill out with them the other night and for them to meet Kemry. I forgot my camera but luckily John's dad took plenty of pictures and emailed them to me.
Daddy and Uncle Joey pulling out the 4 wheeler

Daddy and Karly..no helmets so I said GO SLOW! What was I thinking with KARLY on there? I set them up to break the rules.

Kemry checking Aunt Caryn out

Who goes next?? Karly has the giant helmet on but Karaline says it was HER turn....this goes on with everything they do all day LOL
Hands over the ears

She took them off! :)

They went waaay down there

HEe Hee...poor Kollin. I don't think he realizes he's about to turn 12. I love his safety minded little head. He's as big or bigger than Uncle Joey. :)

Karly and Uncle Joey
"Can I ride it all by myself???" Ummm no :)
Time to eat!

Kemry eating corn on the cob off the cob. :)
Karly teasing Uncle Joey and Kemry just hanging out in her favorite spot
It LOOKS like Marbles is licking Kemry in the face but they're actually a couple of feet apart. HA HA

Karly striking a post in the outfit Gran got her
Karson just kinda hangs out at the bar where all the snacks are :) He is not interested in the 4 wheeler at all - too loud and fast.

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Ruthanne said...

Your kids are so darn cute. I love that last picture of Karson. What a sweet little face.
Hey, we all saw what Kemry did to the watermelon---give her the corn still on the cob--I'm pretty confident she can handle it. lol