Friday, July 20, 2007

Visiting friends

Kemry and Bianca from Kristen's camera


My batteries didn't survive the weekend so I have been depending on Kristen (NYKrissy from to get home and give me some pictures. These were from their last night in Gatlinburg. We met at their chalet to grill out. Everything was SOOO YUMMY!

I love you so much I am going to choke you! :)
Two gorgeous girls one with a lot more hair than the other! :)
Biance wanted a piece of Kemry so bad! :)
This is a rotten picture of me (I was in such a hurry to get there I forgot to put on makeup! Who does that? LOL AND what the heck am I doing with my head all tilted to the side?? I seriously didn't even know I was doing this goofy cheerleader looking pose when she took the picture! LOL But I love having a picture of me (goofy or not) with these two great girls! :)My BIG girl

Daddy is outside the window....that's SOOO funny

They were very entertained for quite a while like this

Awwww sweet girl
Sooo exciting to have a playmate almost my size (and seriously, my little moose is 5mo younger and almost as big as Bianca)

AND my little guy Karson!
In PJs and ready for bed (our in our case, the drive home)

Playing peekaboo over John's shoulder

John and Bianca saying goodbye...he's a baby magnet!


Kristen and the Gang said...

AHHHHH Kelly....the pictures look even better on your site then just on my computer!!!! We had such a great time with our great friends...we are hoping to do it again really soon in NYS this!!!
Oh Yeah, Girlfriend.....WHATS WITH THE HEAD TILT???? How silly you look BUT as beautiful as ever!!!!
Kisses to All!!!

Our Family of 5 said...

Could they be any cuter? Love all the pics!

Diana said...

They are ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I can't believe how big Kemry is getting! and the water park pictures are so funny...Kemry and that tongue - definatly cute!