Monday, July 23, 2007

sick kiddos

Kemry and Karson are both sick. :( Karson had no symptoms of getting sick and suddenly sneezed (not JUST a sneeze...a 10 tissue sneeze) at the park the other day and has been congested ever since. Kemry started getting sick last night and is also teething. So she is drooling nonstop and her nose is pourning nonstop...she's so juicy! Ewwww. lol Karson feels fine..hasn't even slowed down. Kemry feels rotten and has just cried, fussed, or screamed nonstop. Here are some pictures of my two little sickies (first two are from our pick up trip and the last one is from last month).

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Kristen and the Gang said...

Besos to the kiddies from all of us!!! Hopefully they will be feeling better really soon!