Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Fun

We had such a big day today I'm going to post it in at least 2 parts. First we went to the boat which is something we usually do quite a bit, but this was Kemry's first time! :) She loved it!!! Daddy forgot her swim bag, so we had no bathing suit, but she saw in the buff and didn't even care. :) Karson also caught his first fish! Last year he was a bit too impatient and never caught one. :D


Daddy, Karly, and Kemry in the row boat. You can barely see Kemry down in there. LOL
Daddy and KemryPie

Karson and Karaline
Karly, Karaline, and Kollin
Karson's first FISH!!!!!! It was a big Bluegill! You can just see it down below his croc

Kollin and Kemry
Everyone except for daddy and Karly

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