Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun with Friends

We've been MIA the last few days because we've had friends in town to have fun with! :) Larry, Kristen, Jarred, Devon, and Bianca stopped for a few days on their way back home from vacation in FL. We met Larry, Kristen, and Bianca in Guatemala when they were picking up Bianca and we were visiting Kemry in December. They are very nice people and it was great to get to see them again. On Monday and Tuesday we did Dollywood Splash Country. The kids had a ball. The parents were worn out! :) The worst part though is my camera battery died on BOTH days after only a few pictures. I thought they just needed to be recharged, but it appears it's time for new batteries all together. I cannot wait to hear from Kristen to see if she got some more pictures she can share with me (she is staying in a chalet in the mountains with no internet connection until Friday...ahhhhh! Poor girl).

Karaline and Karson in the wave pool
This was the kids' favorite part the first day at the park. Karson is the little guy in the center of this picture headed up to the big water bucket! :)

Daddy and Kemry at Bear Mountain Fire Tower

Kollin and Devon (Larry and Kristen's youngest son)
What?? Scoot back for the picture?
LOLOLOL! Priceless!
Daddy and all 3 girls

Karaline is grinning like a possum because she's about to soak her daddy.
Daddy, Larry, Bianca and Kemry
Hold back ladies...they're ours! :)

Kemry and Bianca in the wave pool - cute little buddies!
Kemry was fascinated with Bianca
Devon holding Kemry
This was actually from today (Tuesday) of Kemry in the butterfly pool. It's the only picture I got today before my camera went dead.

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