Friday, August 24, 2007

New Favorites

Kemry's new THING

Kemry LOVES her slide and that's all she wants to do lately. The problem is, it isn't very safe yet for a baby that doesn't have her balance well. LOL It means mommy gets to play on the side all day and night too. lol It's usually inside but I took it outside so I could be out there with the other kids while we had neighborhood friends over.

Kemry LOVES the socks Kya Blu's Nana made her. I don't think I've ever given Candy and Nana a proper THANK YOU!!! We get SOOO many compliments on those socks. They are so so cute!!!!

She was amazed I was through there. LOL I think I freaked her out by saying her name as she was crawling by.

This is Kemry's new "I'm going to lay here and pout until you come pick me up and put me where I wanted to go before I fell" trick. She doesn't do it all the time, but every now and then she just lays there and looks at me like, "Umm isn't it YOUR job to pick me up and put me where I was headed??" LOL

Lightening McQueen has nothing on me

Sunday, August 19, 2007

11mo OLD

to my sweet princess!

Today is her last "under 1" birthday. Next month she'll be a year old...I cannot even believe it!!!!!!!! It just seems like yesterday we saw that precious baby in those referral pictures for the first time. We couldn't even see the front of her face and we were in love. We ALL love this little 19lb princess like CRAZY!

Kemry has a split personality. She craves the rush and thrill of being tossed into the air by her daddy (sometimes WAY too high for mommy's taste).

But then she is also very quiet, observant, and cautious. :) She loves to explore and if we're outside, it's super hard to get smiles out of her because there's too much to take in and observe. :)

See what I mean??? :) I'm so in love with this little angelcakes and her big brothers and sisters!

Eating is grand. lol

Look at my big girl standing so well. Hard to believe just 3 months ago she couldn't put ANY weight at all on her legs, especially her ankles.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

BIG BOY going to preschool

My big boy started preschool. Now 2 days a week Kemry and I will be all alone. What will we ever do????? :( If I left it up to Kemry we would play outside all day! lol

Look at my big boy (actually look how tiny he looks here lol) My landscaping is in some SERIOUS need of attention.
Isn't he the cutest thing??

Here is what well be doing when Karson is in school. What??? You say "no no" when I start to climb the stairs? Hmmm let's test this...

WHAT? BROTHER says "no no" too when I climb the stairs? Who does he think HE is?

Up up and away...she hasn't stopped me yet.
I can't take this anymore....all the "no no's". It's way too much stress on a girl trying to break the rules.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


pictures from the past couple days

How does this happen? This started out just DRY cereal. She can somehow take dry cereal I have given her as a snack and turn it into something that looks like I melted a Hershey Bar and poured it all over her and her high chair. LOL This is why she eats naked 90% of the time now. No bib can cover every square inch of her. lol

The other day Karson found a butterfly with a broken wing. Ohhh this is the place to be if you are an injured insect because my kids make it their personal mission to take care of them. LOL From creating the perfect "habitat" for them to feeding them mango and sugar water. Who wouldn't want to be an insect at this hospital? LOL

Ok so there's no other reason for me to post this picture except that I love it...she looks so cute here. :) She's doing her "mad face" but is giggling at the same time and cannot do it right. :) She's wearing her shirt Tara got her. :)

Can you say VEGETABLES? ha ha This is why we limit video games. Our kids turn into vegetables when they are allowed to play. They would sit here for days like this....WEEKS! They wouldn't even leave it to go to the bathroom or eat or definitely not sleep. LOL

Sunday, August 12, 2007



I am lucky enough to have 2 of the best sisters in the world. They are truly my 2 best friends (besides John of course) even though we are 11 yrs apart in age and fought like crazy growing up. I can only pray my daughters grow up to have such a special relationship with each other.

Kasey (2nd oldest), Me (oldest and showing it), and Kayla (the baby)

And acting goofy later on :) We laugh nonstop when we're together because we're all nuts.

Every year we hit the "day after Thanksgiving sales" at 5am even if we don't really need/want anything that's on sale, we go just to have a BLAST. We laugh so hard we can't get any shopping done. That's the day when all the crazies in our town are out and there's plenty to laugh about! LOL Here we are at 5am about to leave my house 2 yrs ago.

We made the newspaper that year too! LOL How embarrassing! The reporter followed us around the store and asked us if he could photograph us. Kasey was all excited and Kayla and I were trying to get away from him as fast as we could. So here we trying to find space for the last thing we bought that day - poinsettias. lol

We also have an awesome brother, Kellon, that doesn't like to hang out with us and do the girly things. :) I cannot leave him out though! :) He's such a goofball and keeps us laughing all the time (when he isn't trying to bench press us or throw us around like toys).

This is a more recent picture of him. Here he is with John a month or so ago. Why do men look so stiff and cold in pictures together? LOL

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poor Kemry :(

Kemry had her well check up yesterday (her 9mo which is delayed because they keyed it in as a 6mo appt when we brought her home at 7.5mo so now they'll all be 6 weeks behind). She weighs 19lb and is 27in tall at 10.5mo old. She has always been so huge but it looks like now that she's getting active, her weight is slowing down a bit. She got 1 shot and had to have her post-adoption blood work. I made the huge mistake of taking her to our local hospital instead of having them to it at our ped's office (we go to an out of town ped). Our ped nurses weren't comfortable doing it because they couldn't find a good vein and said the lab at the hospital would be better at it. WRONG! First of all the lady at admission had NO idea what I was trying to tell her when I was telling her birth name and adoptive name (the ins wanted to put her name as the name it's getting changed to which is Kemry of course but the ped needed her birth name..huge issues becuase of this). She kept getting frustrated with me as I tried to explain adoption and the name change thing. I told her what her birth name was and said, for billing purposes you have to bill her name as Kemry and to make it easier just put both names on both. She got upset with me and said, "WHO is her REAL MOM and WHO has custody of THIS child??" I was LIVID!!!!!!!! What is wrong with people?!?!?! I cannot possibly be the first person to come in there with an adopted child. I got really really short and snappy back with her and she knew I was offended so she calmed down a little bit and was being nicer. Then she said, "You have to go through all this "just" to adopt a kid?" She was implying BLOODWORK! What the heck?!? If she only knew. I was so over this lady by this point and coldly said, "This isn't even part of the process. That is over, but I would do it again tomorrow if I had to for her. 'THIS' is the easy stuff."

At the same time there was a woman sitting across from us cursing her kids (7-8mo old baby and 7-8yr old boy) which sent me through the roof. She was yanking them around exhorting her power over them and belittling them like they are useless. It killed me to watch. The little boy at one point looked at Kemry and said, "Awww a cute baby" and she gave him a mean look and he quickly said, "But ours is cuter!" It was just INSANE!

Ok so after 1hr and 40 min we got called back for the testing. They pulled the needle out and then realized they didn't get enough and had to do it again. :( They kept complaining because our dr ordered so many tests in one blood draw, yet he had told me it was a very standard super easy test to do. They kept calling Kemry "it". It was just awful. So here is my baby girl with her pitiful bandages. :(

Still being a ham with the mad face. :)