Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poor Kemry :(

Kemry had her well check up yesterday (her 9mo which is delayed because they keyed it in as a 6mo appt when we brought her home at 7.5mo so now they'll all be 6 weeks behind). She weighs 19lb and is 27in tall at 10.5mo old. She has always been so huge but it looks like now that she's getting active, her weight is slowing down a bit. She got 1 shot and had to have her post-adoption blood work. I made the huge mistake of taking her to our local hospital instead of having them to it at our ped's office (we go to an out of town ped). Our ped nurses weren't comfortable doing it because they couldn't find a good vein and said the lab at the hospital would be better at it. WRONG! First of all the lady at admission had NO idea what I was trying to tell her when I was telling her birth name and adoptive name (the ins wanted to put her name as the name it's getting changed to which is Kemry of course but the ped needed her birth name..huge issues becuase of this). She kept getting frustrated with me as I tried to explain adoption and the name change thing. I told her what her birth name was and said, for billing purposes you have to bill her name as Kemry and to make it easier just put both names on both. She got upset with me and said, "WHO is her REAL MOM and WHO has custody of THIS child??" I was LIVID!!!!!!!! What is wrong with people?!?!?! I cannot possibly be the first person to come in there with an adopted child. I got really really short and snappy back with her and she knew I was offended so she calmed down a little bit and was being nicer. Then she said, "You have to go through all this "just" to adopt a kid?" She was implying BLOODWORK! What the heck?!? If she only knew. I was so over this lady by this point and coldly said, "This isn't even part of the process. That is over, but I would do it again tomorrow if I had to for her. 'THIS' is the easy stuff."

At the same time there was a woman sitting across from us cursing her kids (7-8mo old baby and 7-8yr old boy) which sent me through the roof. She was yanking them around exhorting her power over them and belittling them like they are useless. It killed me to watch. The little boy at one point looked at Kemry and said, "Awww a cute baby" and she gave him a mean look and he quickly said, "But ours is cuter!" It was just INSANE!

Ok so after 1hr and 40 min we got called back for the testing. They pulled the needle out and then realized they didn't get enough and had to do it again. :( They kept complaining because our dr ordered so many tests in one blood draw, yet he had told me it was a very standard super easy test to do. They kept calling Kemry "it". It was just awful. So here is my baby girl with her pitiful bandages. :(

Still being a ham with the mad face. :)


Ruthanne said...

Aw...poor Kemry. What an ordeal. And poor Mommy---it sounds like the people working there were pretty ignorant. So sorry you had to deal with that. Maybe you've made it a tiny bit easier on the next adoptive parent who comes through there.
She looks pretty content even with all those bandages. :)

Kerry said...

You are a better woman than I. I would have come over the counter at that woman. And they were calling her "it????????????" What's THAT about? Some people!

MoonNStarMommy said...

Sounds to me like the frazzled mother was a little ... I'm not even going to say it. Kemry is beyond adorable. Some people are so ignorant and close minded they should be slapped. {{HUGS}}

Amy and Phaelan said...

OMG Kelly ... that is SO awful. I know we're behind on the well baby visits, but all the moving around has made it screwed up. I'm a little nervous for it ... ugh, I hope I don't have to deal with someone like that AND watch my baby be stuck. Yuck, poor mama and baby!!!

Kristen and the Gang said... terrible!!! I would write the CEO of that facility!!!! They need to know how their employees are treating their PATIENTS/"CUSTOMERS"!!! Just awful!!!
Kemry looks adorable in these pics and doesn't look any worse for the wear! Hang in there Girl...I am sure there are more ingornant comments in our future!

Diana said...

Kelly she should be glad it was you and not me because I would have beat her up on the spot! LOL You should have responded don't be jealous my child is cuter then your kids will ever be hahahahaha!!!! Sorry she was so mean and stupid, but I am glad to see the shots didn't bother your little cutie pie :-)

Tara said...

Grrrrr!! The nerve of some people. I think she was more of an "it", if you ask me! I hope Ruthanne and I were able to cheer you up a bit. :)