Sunday, August 12, 2007



I am lucky enough to have 2 of the best sisters in the world. They are truly my 2 best friends (besides John of course) even though we are 11 yrs apart in age and fought like crazy growing up. I can only pray my daughters grow up to have such a special relationship with each other.

Kasey (2nd oldest), Me (oldest and showing it), and Kayla (the baby)

And acting goofy later on :) We laugh nonstop when we're together because we're all nuts.

Every year we hit the "day after Thanksgiving sales" at 5am even if we don't really need/want anything that's on sale, we go just to have a BLAST. We laugh so hard we can't get any shopping done. That's the day when all the crazies in our town are out and there's plenty to laugh about! LOL Here we are at 5am about to leave my house 2 yrs ago.

We made the newspaper that year too! LOL How embarrassing! The reporter followed us around the store and asked us if he could photograph us. Kasey was all excited and Kayla and I were trying to get away from him as fast as we could. So here we trying to find space for the last thing we bought that day - poinsettias. lol

We also have an awesome brother, Kellon, that doesn't like to hang out with us and do the girly things. :) I cannot leave him out though! :) He's such a goofball and keeps us laughing all the time (when he isn't trying to bench press us or throw us around like toys).

This is a more recent picture of him. Here he is with John a month or so ago. Why do men look so stiff and cold in pictures together? LOL


Kristen and the Gang said...

How wonderful for you Kelly! It must be amazing to have those great sisters in your life!!! I am jealous, I have always wanted sisters or brothers. Cherish every single minute with are truly blessed!

Kerry said...

I understand! My sister and I hated each other until we were in our early twenties, and now we're best friends. I HATE that we live so far apart. I'm jealous of you and your sisters.

By the way, we're both "Ks" too. Our mother's must have had the same idea!

MoonNStarMommy said...

It's so nice to have that sort of family - I never got that :(


You guys are a GOURGOUS family Kelly :) And you are NOT showing your age in any way...