Wednesday, August 15, 2007


pictures from the past couple days

How does this happen? This started out just DRY cereal. She can somehow take dry cereal I have given her as a snack and turn it into something that looks like I melted a Hershey Bar and poured it all over her and her high chair. LOL This is why she eats naked 90% of the time now. No bib can cover every square inch of her. lol

The other day Karson found a butterfly with a broken wing. Ohhh this is the place to be if you are an injured insect because my kids make it their personal mission to take care of them. LOL From creating the perfect "habitat" for them to feeding them mango and sugar water. Who wouldn't want to be an insect at this hospital? LOL

Ok so there's no other reason for me to post this picture except that I love it...she looks so cute here. :) She's doing her "mad face" but is giggling at the same time and cannot do it right. :) She's wearing her shirt Tara got her. :)

Can you say VEGETABLES? ha ha This is why we limit video games. Our kids turn into vegetables when they are allowed to play. They would sit here for days like this....WEEKS! They wouldn't even leave it to go to the bathroom or eat or definitely not sleep. LOL


Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

OH GIRL THAT IS A MESS...Kya eats naked to now! Going to give you a call tomorrow...just got the OK from my hubby on Atlanta

Ruthanne said...

Covered in wet, slimy cereal, and still cute as can be!!
I LOVE that picture of Kollin---he is SO handsome!!!

Home sweet home said...

She is the cutest piggy eater I have seen . We have the same "vegetable" action going on at my house :)

Lou said...

These children are BEAUTIFUL! My kiddos also go into the game trance.....and TV trance.....and computer trance.....LOL What about reading a book trance?????