Friday, September 28, 2007


Favorite Foto Friday
This week I felt everyone needed a smile with all the problems Guatemala has faced this week having all of us terrified for the future of the children we love so much and adoptions. So today is Favorite Funny Foto Friday for us. :) There are sooo many more but it's a crazy busy day so I didn't get time to dig too deep for my FAVS of my FAVS...
What??? Swimming IN my clothes isn't good?
Come any closer to my watermelon and I'm not responsible for my actions
No explaination necessary ;)
Karson and "Rosie the Dinosaur" counting cars
This photoshoot was over when the "big kids" got the sillies
This is how I greeted Mommy and Daddy when they gave me my first bath on the visit trip
And the biggest reason to smile today.....this beautiful duo is arriving home in the US today to begin their lives together as a forever family!!!!!!!!!!! CORRECTION: As I was typing this I got a txt message from Ruthanne that they just arrived in Houston...ANDREW IS A U.S. CITIZEN!!!!!


Sarah said...

LOVE all your favorite photos this week! Especially love Kemry and the watermelon... what a face!!

Sarah and Sophie~Bug

Becky said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for making me smile.

Becky, Juliana, & Amaya

Kate said...

Great photos!! They really made my day:) Kemry is too funny!! When she eats watermelon she means business!

Kerri said...

Love all the pics but especially the watermelon!

Kerri and Ruby

Kristen and the Gang said...

I love all the pics of ALL the kids!! You have one beautiful family! And that last...what a wonderful day for the 2 of them!!!!

JoAnn said...

Kelly, those pictures are great! Kemry cracks me up with her faces- what a sweet bunch of kids you have. You must smile all day :)

Steve & Amy said...

Kelly, These pictures made my day! I LOVE the watermelon picture....what a Kodak moment. Welcome home Andrew! What a loving family you have!!!

Tara said...

They're all adorable!!!!

Diana said...

You always have such great photos to share :-) Your kids are all adorable!

Ruthanne said...

Kelly!! I was smiling like crazy at the pictures of your kids and then I saw the one of Andrew and I and started crying.(good tears)
The pictures of your family are adorable, but seeing them all in person was even better!!!!