Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kemry's First Birthday Party


I'm not quite sure about all these people just looking at me. Don't they know my birthday isn't until WEDNESDAY?

Awww there's my pappaw! He can always make me smile!
AND my Nanny!
My Gran too!!! I have lots of people loving me!The birthday girl and her cake PRESENT TIME!

I've been sitting here long enough...bring on the CAKE! MUCH BETTER

Come on Alex!! You can definitely share with me. This is good practice because your birthday party is in 2 weeks!

Hey Kemry, do you see what I see??? Why are we scraping for these crumbs when a whole cake is just right there?!


Kristen and the Gang said...

OMG...Kemry has gotten so big and i just can't believe she is a WHOLE yr. old! She looks absolutely adorable ...I love the hat, the bib and the dress...did mommy make them? And of course, Alex is such a handsome little dude! He is almost a year too...where has the time gone??
We Love You!!!

Diana said...

She is seriously the cutest thing on earth :-) Happy 1st Birthday Kemry!!!!

Our Family of 5 said...

She is just stunningly beautiful! She looks like a little princess!!

Ruthanne said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Kemry!!!
You look absolutely adorable at your first birthday party. You are a blessed little girl to have such a wonderful mommy!!!!!

Kate said...

What a little party animal!!! She is too cute! It looks like she was quite the princess!! LOVE IT! She is such a big girl:) I miss you guys!

Kerri said...

Love the hat!!!
Looks like she enjoyed her cake as much as Ruby did. :)

Kerri and Ruby

JoAnn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEMRY!!!!!! Kelly, I LOVE the dress and hat you made for her!!!!!! That is the most adorable party outfit ever! She is just the sweetest thing- she looks like she had a great time. It's hard to believe that our babies are already a year old. And getting cuter every day ;)

MiaJ said...

Hope you don't mind me crashing your blog =) We also adopted our daughter from Guatemala. Your daughter is too cute. The b-day hat is great! Plus-gotta say I love the music on your blog!

Lou said...

What a beautiful birthday girl! I LOVE her crown and bib. You did a GREAT job!!!! I guess I need to get busy planning AP's party. She and Bella are having their party together while they are here. They're only 5 days apart, so we thought that would be sweet. Where did you get the crown and bib???


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kemry!!! She's just beautiful...what an angel! Thanks for sharing the photos!

(amylynn3...Brayden's mom)

Home sweet home said...

Happy Birthday little princess !!

Tara said...

Kelly, you did an amazing job! Kemry is as sweet and beautiful as ever. I can't believe that she turns ONE this week! WOW!

Our Ohana said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Kemry! The pics are adorable.

Tina aka Angelsmama

Kris and Mindy said...

She is just the sweetest thing EVER! I love these pictures and I love the dress. I have one that I had made for Mikayla and she still has not worn it. YIKES...summer is almost over! Better get on that.

I can't believe it's BIRTHDAY TIME already. The time sure has been flying by and WAY too quickly too!

She is a true Birthday Princess!


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness...what fun! That outfit! The party! The cake! WHAT a great way to turn one!