Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dry Lake

We went to the lake on Monday but the water level was so low from drought we couldn't take the boat out. Look at all that lake bank showing!

The walk to the dock was EXTRA long! I don't even remember how many steps that was but my legs were shakey by the time I got to the bottom! LOL The way back up was murder! That was the only time I've ever seen ever step dry and the dock at the bottom.

Is it really worth it??? LOL Gran teaching Karaline

Awwww father son time. :) Aren't they so cute?

Captain Kemry caught one! Karson caught at least 12 fish that day!
Karly TRIED to take the hook out. She is about the only one that will actually try

Karaline and her little friend - this child literally spends every second fishing. He knows about everything you can possibly know about fishing. lol

We were trying to get that perfect shot of Kemry sitting at the end of the dock. LOL We should have tried this before she could crawl. I nearly swallowed my heart at least 10 times as she plowed toward the edge every chance she got (John was RIGHT beside her)
My gorgeous Kollin, who turns 12 in just a few days...ahhhh

Karson caught a fish and the little boy from the boat across the dock kissed him. LOL


Kerri said...

We'll share some of our water with you. Many of the lakes around here have been closed because the water's too high. :)
Love all the cute pics of your kids.

Kerri and Ruby

Kristen and the Gang said...

It looks like the Cash Crew is always having such a good time!!!

WTG, keep catching those fish, Buddy!


Kerry said...

Love the one of Kemry driving the boat! My kinda girl!

Ruthanne said...

You guys do the BEST stuff!! LOVE Kemry's outfit--so cute.

Cool Playlist. I'm totally going to steal that idea. Don't believe me? Go look at my blog. :)

Amy said...

Love all the pics, Kelly!!! Man, you guys sure have a lot of fun!!!

Kristy said...

Hey Kelly! I'm glad you found our site. I look at your blog quite often, but I have to admit I don't leave very many comments (usually I'm reading blogs when I should be doing something! It's not as easy to get on the computer for any length of time these days! :) Wait a minute...I'm talking to the Mommy of FIVE children...I just think I'M busy, right?!? :) Kemry is getting big...she's so cute! All your kids are cute...I love your heading picture!! :)

BTW, we love Jeremy Camp too!! :) Usually our girls are great sleepers; however, Kamryn is teething...which is why I'm commenting at 3:40AM!! I can't get back to sleep...hopefully, I'll stay awake at church tomorrow!! :)
Kristy (

Maria said...

You have such a beautiful family. What a blessed woman you are!


Kris and Mindy said...

You guys are always having such a wonderful and fun time! I love all the pictures...I am sure going to miss summer that's fir sure:-( Also wanted to say THANK YOU for all your prayers lately:-)
Many Hugs

MoonNStarMommy said...

Heehe... the pictures are great!! You realize we've known each other for about 11 years now!! How scary! LOL... 11 years and 7 kids later... heehee...

I loooove the pic of Kemry at the wheel - that is AWESOME... and the one of John and Karson too... tell Karly good job on trying!! Tell Karaline that she looks so cute listening to Grandma... tell Karson that the fish was HUGE... and Kollin to STOP GROWING UP!!!

Who do these boys think they are??

John said...

They all REALLY love to fish, and Karson is such the little fisherman. One fish and HE was hooked (pun intended lol). They were practically jumping out of the water onto his hook. Seriously, he accidentally dropped his line between the slats in the pier and caught one. Luckily Mom could reach it underneath to take it off.