Saturday, September 01, 2007


A year ago today we packed up our van with our precious sleeping kiddos and luggage around 1am and headed toward Memphis to have our fingerprints done for our adoption. We drove 8 hours to Memphis, arrived at 9am as the door opened. We turned everything in and had our fingerprints taken on this neat machine that looked like something from a scifi film. Little did I know this day there was a 19yr old pregnant woman in Guatemala 19 days from giving birth to a gorgeous baby girl that would change our lives forever.

John freaked out that I was taking pictures of the Dept of Homeland Security. He was afraid we'd get a knock on the door one day and secret service would confiscate our camera and interrogate us for hours. lol

We had the option of mailing our paperwork in and then driving to Nashville to do our fingerprinting, but we heard a rumor that we would speed the process up if we took our paperwork personally (only certain offices would accept them and the closest one was Memphis) and did our fingerprints at the same time so everything stayed together in one file (the Memphis office isn't known for keeping up with files well). Well it was unheard of at that time to get clearance under 12 weeks from this office and we received ours in THREE weeks so it must have been true.

Then we drove back to Nashville (another 4 hour drive) to "play" for the rest of the holiday weekend. They don't call it Music City for nothing! :)

Believe it or not there are lots of other fun things to do in Nashville besides music. :) We took the kids to the Parthenon which is an exact replica of the Parthenon in Greece (same size and's a MONSTER). I look like junkoli here because we had just driven 12 hours (and slept for a lot of that).

And of course who would forget Nashville is the home of the TENNESSEE TITANS!?!?!

We also did the zoo which was really nice. This was the first time I really started noticing families with different colors in them. :) I saw so many people that day with children that looked hispanic and was dying to ask them if they adopted (but knew that made a lot of people mad so I didn't lol). It's like they were everywhere that day. I don't know if it was just me noticing it more since we had just officially applied to change our family in the same way or if it was just another way God was softening my eyes and showing me how beautiful colorful families are. :)

The Lorikeet decided Kollin needed his ears cleaned out. Of course I had told him the same thing but as always mom doesn't have as much influence.

Karson going for a ride on daddy's shoulders.

Karly had a beaded hairband in her hair and the Lorikeets thought she was all the stuff. They wouldn't stay off her head. She also left with a sticker that said, "I got a treat from a Lorikeet" because she got pooped on. They knew she was the Cash kid to poop on because she's the only one that wouldn't have had a major meltdown from something like that. LOL

Karaline is our nature girl. She was in COMPLETE HEAVEN in the Lorikeet aviary.

I don't think this was intended for 2 kids. lol Karaline is not a very good "walker" and after an hour or two of carrying her on our backs, we made her double up with Karson.


Ruthanne said...

Ok---so I had to go look at a map of TN to figure out why you had a picture that said "welcome to Arkansas" when you were on your way to Memphis. lol
That guitar pool is too funny.
It looks like you guys had a blast. What a fun memory to attach to getting your fingerprints taken. I just drove there, had my prints taken, and drove home. Boring.

Kelly said...

LOL Ruthanne! I actually had a whole other section to this post I took out and forgot to take the Arkansas pic out. We drove across the Mississippi and into Arkansas for the kids. Oops...better go correct that post.

Kristen and the Gang said... this story!!! It is amazing how 1 year can change our lives so dramatically (like we have talked about before)!!!! Thank God for your 3 week wait not a 12 weeker or our little Kemry wouldn't have found the "right" family!!! I can't believe how much the 4 kiddos have grown in 1 year...esp Karly!!!! The CASH CREW ROCKS!!!!!!


What a great story, day, and memory for the start of your adoption journey. Colorful families are beautiful! Can't wait to meet yours at Guatoberfest!

Amy said...

Can you believe we're hitting one year marks already? Our homestudy appointment was just over a year ago now. I honestly don't remember our fingerprint date, but it's gotta be soon because Ben's deployment anniversary is coming up in 4 weeks. Wow ... it's just amazing to look back!

Kate said...

I can't believe the Kemry is almost one year old!! It looks like you guys had a great trip and some made some great memories!! Love the pics! HUGS

MoonNStarMommy said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and a year later, she is such a blessing!!!