Friday, October 05, 2007

FFF Alex's First Birthday

Favorite Friday Foto
Thursday my nephew Alex turned 1! My favorite photos of this week are the before/after pictures of what he did to his poor cake. A cute little birthday boy turned into a werewolf. Isn't he the CUTEST little birthday boy?!?!

We love you Alex!!! I cannot believe how much you've changed in 1 year. We got our referral for Kemry 2 days before he was born, so it was a very special week in my family. He's our only nephew and is super special.


Sarah said...

Kelly! I love that picture! What an adorable little guy!! The second picture cracks me up... he had a great time in that cake!!

I so enjoyed meeting you and little Miss Kemry with her adorable outfits!

Sarah & Sophie~Bug

Our Family of 5 said...

Kelly he is a doll! How cute is he in the cake!! Priceless!!

Loved finally meeting you and Kemry! Sorry we didn't get to talk much. Hopefully we can swap some emails, etc.


Kate said...

Those are great pictures!! I don't think I have ever seen a baby get that into his b-day cake!! I love it! He such a doll:)

Kerri said...

How cute is he! He liked his cake about as much as Ruby did.
Kerri and Ruby

Steve & Amy said...

Too funny!! He is such a doll!!! Looks like he got to have his cake AND eat it too!!!:) Just curious how long did it take him to do the damage????LOL

Salome's Mom said...

What an adorable little boy!


Ruthanne said...

oh my gosh!!! That's a lot of cake!! LOL I'm so sorry I didn't get to meet that little cutie in person. It looks like he had a GREAT time!!!

JoAnn said...

LOL, love the cake face picture~ he looks so innocent. He is a doll face!