Tuesday, October 09, 2007


We're home from Guatoberfest!!!!! We had such a wonderful time and feel so blessed to have met so many of the wonderful families that attended. We saw many gorgeous children and happy families for sure! Kemry, Karly, Karaline, and I shared a joining room with Nikki and Isabelle, Tara and Devon, and Ruthanne and Andrew. We had lots of laughs seeing these 4 little silly dillies interacting. The only regret I have is that with our babies still stuck in the morning & afternoon 2 naptime schedule (not that I'm complaining), we missed a lot of the activities and didn't get a chance to really get to know as many people as we wanted to.


We arrived at the hotel. Ruthanne drove from Philly down to our house on Thursday and spent the night. We headed out together on Friday morning.

Karaline playing peekaboo with Isabelle (Karly back there digging through candy)

Karly playing itsy bitsy spider with Devon. My big girls adored all these babies.

Andrew?? Lenny Kravitz?? Ohhh it has to be Andrew with that sweet smile!

Our 3 tutu princesses all ready for our first Guatoberfest Meet & Greet

Holler if you hate having to sit and have your picture taken!

Kemry it isn't nice to stick your tongue out at your new friends. :) This was Jenny, Carrie's (Grace's mommy) sister

Kemry went right to Chris Merrill (Becky's hubby & Elena & Garrett's daddy). She is normally fairly reserved so I was shocked. Then she wouldn't come back to me! Elena is the sweetest little thing. She had lots of loves for Kemry!

Kemry and Isabelle turning the meeting hall into a playground

Hi Alex, it's nice to meet you! Alex is a perfect example of one of those babies that is a DOLL online but even MOOOORE of a doll in person!

Back in our room getting ready for bed.


Some morning playtime

Then off to the CNN building for some lunch and a little bit of shopping. We got to meet even more friends here like Kristy & Keith with their 3 little Ks. I really wish we had gotten to spend more time with them because they're a great family! We sat with Carrie, Jenny, and Grace. It was nice to hang out with them some more.

Isabelle fell in love with this doggie at the CNN building and wasn't giving it back for anything. :) She was so cute cuddling with it.
Then we went for some ice cream..YUUUUMY! Cake mix ice creams ROCKS!!! Kemry agrees!
Back to the hotel for naps, only Kemry wasn't having any part of that. We were kind of "stuck" back in our room because Andrew was a very good boy and sleeping good in the front room. We just took the opportunity to do some pictures.
Andrew whatcha doin'???
Babies are all awake and fed now it's PARTY TIME!
Andrew is providing the music
Kemry's taking the party to a whole new level.
Bath time!!! Devon can you give me a boost? Mommy isn't getting me in this tub fast enough.
a bath full of babies....TOTALLY CUTE babies
Then we went outside for some more fun with our Guatoberfest friends!
We're great cheerleaders because we do everything in sync
Oh Alex I remember you from last night! How nice of you to come find me again!
Sophia my mommy talks about how beautiful you are but now that I have you in front of me, I am awe struck!
Here are some of our "summer sisters" (we were in a group that all started our adoptions in the summer of 06). Kemry & I, Grace & Carrie, (Karaline in the K shirt is my big girl but wanted to get in the picture hee hee), Devon & Tara, Sofie, Bryce, & Marcy, Andrew & Ruthanne, and Isabelle & Nikki
Grace I looove juice. Can I have a sip??

My big girls, Karly and Karaline, in Olympic Park.

Here we are as we're saying goodbye. What special memories we made this weekend and friendships that will last a lifetime.
Loading up the van.....Kollin, Karson, and Dad, we're coming HOME!
Kemry and Andrew, are you guys ready????

We can't wait for next year!!!!!!!!

Guatoberfest was a BLAST!!!! Thank you so much Kerry & Julia for organizing it and allowing us to all get together in celebration of our adoptions!


Our Family of 5 said...

Wonderful pictures Kelly!! Loved meeting you and Kemry and your big girls in person! Your big girls are dolls as well!

Tara said...

Oh Kelly, looking back at all of these pics and thinking of all the fun we had makes me miss you guys BIG TIME!!!!

Kelly said...

LOVE IT! Looks like you guys had your own party in the room! Love the bath pics especially!

We didnt get to meet a lot of people due to chasing kids all around...and NOT NAPPING (lol)...but...there's always next year!
Loved the matching outfits at the meet and greet!

The McKenzie Crew said...

So glad you guys could come to Atlanta!


Kathy said...

Great pictures! Love your captions. What beautiful children!

Kerry said...

So glad you all had a good time. I wish we could have spent more time together. Next year for sure!

Kerri said...

Love all the pics. Hope we can be there next year.
Kerri and Ruby

Steve & Amy said...

Looks like everyone had such a great time. We hope to be there next year! Thanks for sharing all the pics, they're awesome! Yes i agree, cake mix ice cream ROCKS!!!!!

Kate said...

What a fun post!! It looks like it was a blast! All the pictures are great.

Kristy said...

Kelly, it was great meeting you...for the few short minutes we met! I was disappointed we didn't get to spend more time together too! Hopefully one day we can get together...b/c I agree, I feel we could be "real" friends. :) You are such a sweet family..and,a beautiful one too! I love seeing the pictures...wish we could have been there all weekend!