Friday, November 30, 2007


Favorite Friday Foto
Kemry has a new pouty face that I could eat up. I fell in love with this picture because you can see all her perfect little features even when she is angry. :) Look at those eyelashes..what I would do for those without top of the line mascara (which still doesn't give me lashes like THESE lol). Look at that perfect little nose & those perfect little lips. I don't know what I did to deserve this
little angel (or my other 4 little angels), but I thank God every single day for them.

Here are more of course, not related to FFF. :)

Karly sings in the school's chorus and they were invited to sing at the lighting of our town's tree tonight. Our town is an old historical town with lots of beautiful old buildings, so the setting was perfect on the courthouse steps. They sang so wonderfully and made us all proud. :)

Daddy and Karson watching for Father Christmas Karly and her buddies (Karly is 2nd from right)

Karaline and her buddies (Karaline is on the far left)

From before the lighting of the tree....Karly taking a break in the leaves outside. Below is the two peas in a pod today. They're so fun together.

p.s. Kollin was on an all day field trip so I didn't get any pictures of him today. :( He had fun but we missed him terribly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It feels like I'm forever saying better late than never, but here I'm saying it again. A week late, I'm finally posting about our Thanksgiving. Life has been crazy around here, as usual, but a tad bit more than usual. Indoor soccer season for Kollin and Karaline have started, ballet rehearsals are in full gear (the ballet is in Jan! AHH), Karly is in the school's production of The Nutcracker next week (she's a sugar plum fairy), Kollin's band concert is next week, Karly's chorus will be performing at 5 different events and concerts within the next 3 weeks...ahhhhh! Oh and the biggie is my husband put his resume back "out there" and is getting 2 and 3 interviews a week which he has to schedule around work and several have been out of town which means I'm all on my own! lol

Ok back to our Thanksgiving! :) It was great! It was a very informal get together with both our families and just perfect. We didn't have to put our shoes on and we ate off Chinette...who could ask for more? :) I think we ended up with 19, but we were missing a couple. We had over 40lb of meat. We cooked a 19lb turkey, my MIL brought a 14lb turkey, and my mom brought a 10lb ham. Needless to say we ate until we were sick and still had leftovers!

Aunt Kasey you are SO cool! How do you do that?

Karaline looooves ham!

Karly's giving me the "tastes good" sign for the eggs even though I didn't make them. lol

My FIL rarely gets in the pictures because he's like me and always behind the camera.

Alex chowing down in the corner.
PLATES? We don't need no stinking plates.What? All of this is just EXTRA?
My mom, my sister Kayla, my sister Kasey, my soon to be SIL Ashley and Kemry right in the middle. Oh and that cute little grey head way back there is my daddy. :)

We have a tablecloth tradition we started a few years ago. Each year we each write what we're most thankful for that year and we trace the younger kids' hands that cannot write yet. This was Kemry's first year getting to participate even though she was mentioned a lot on other people's lists last year. We have so much fun reading it and comparing. It really makes us remember how far we've come each year.

Alex getting to do his handprint after Kemry. His hand had tripled since last year. Kayla making history....ha ha
Awwwwwwww how cute are our little guys?? It's so funny to watch them together. Where there's one there's both of them at all times.

My baby brother Kellon with Kemry. He was 8 when John and I started dating. Now he's getting married in 3 weeks.
Kemry and her pappaw...what a pair!

My baby brother and John...Kellon won't stop talking long enough to get his picture taken. LOL My MIL brought wooden crafts for the kids to make. She is setting it up with my BIL Logan and his fiance Jessica. (Oh and Logan was 6 when John and I started dating.....I feel SO old.)
Knee deep in paint and creativity.
Karly and my MIL

Someone let Bentley out and he ran straight for Kellon.
There's never peace when your nephew is only 8 years younger than you are. Here is my baby sister, Kayla. Poor thing she's too old to get them back but young enough to be considered one of the kids by all the kids. She gets a lot of roughing up.

Karly can't allow Kollin get more points than her. Poooor Kayla. It's called payback for what she put her older brother and sisters through. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007


Here's my pretty girl on her real birthday. She'll have her Cocoa Loco Slumber Party in a couple of weeks and we'll do the whole theme thing then. :) She chose a triple chocolate cake.....WOW is she a smart girl or what? ;)
Kemry is so girly in some ways (and so tomboy in others...see below). She loves showing off pretty hairbows and princess crowns.
Kemry thinks her pappaw hung the moon! Here is my tomboy princess. She's into trucks, but she's also really into putting pretty crowns and bows on her head and walking around saying "Ahhhhhh" when I say, "Ahhhhh go show daddy". She had been wearing her birthday princess hat and showing it off to everyone when Kollin kicked a truck and sent it rolling. She took off running like I have never seen after the truck forgetting her princess hat, but remembered it about 5 steps into it. She turned and grabbed her hat and stuffed it on her head as she ran off chasing the truck. I think I'm going to have my hands full. LOL Success!

Kinda boring but here's a video :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Karaline turns 8

Today is my sweet Karaline's birthday. I cannot believe she is 8 already! It just seems like yesterday she was in my tummy. Poor thing is also sick on her birthday today. I know why too. Two years ago in Kindergarten, Teacher Appreciation Day fell on her birthday so I signed up to be the "teacher" in her class while her teacher went for lunch and to be pampered. I thought that would be cool for her to have mommy in her class on her birthday for 3 hours. She got sick and missed school that day and I still had to go and spend 3 hours in her class on her birthday WITHOUT her. Well guess what today is? Teacher Appreciation Day at her school. Guess who thought, yet again, that signing up and spending 3 hrs with her in her class on her birthday would be cool???? LOL And guess who is home sick again today???? Bless her heart, she just cannot catch a break. She has serious allergies and asthma and it seems like the slightest elevation in pollen or the slightest cold gets the best of her. She is such a sweet thing though despite that. Karaline has such an amazing passion for things she feels are important (mostly animals, nature, wildlife). She is SO passionate about all her "causes" even if the current cause is about "needing" fudge at bedtime. LOL Karaline is a little replica of me as a child - the looks, the personality, her walk, her play, even her mannerisms are the same. It sometimes shocks me to see how much like me she is because it feels like I am looking at myself as a child. LOL It certainly makes it easier to get inside her little mind. :)

Oh and it's Bentley's birthday today too. LOL He is turning 2 years old. Karaline LOVES sharing her birthday with our dog. Last year she was turning 7 and he was turning 1 so it was a big deal that they were both the same age (Bentley in dog years). She told everyone she had a twin. LOL

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Karaline from the last year or so...


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Messy girl

Visit to Gran and Grandad's House
On Saturday, we visited Gran and Grandad because some family from Alabama were in. As always we ate very very well and had a good time. Kemry managed to ransack the house as always and the kids disappeared for hours at a time in front of the computers and game systems. :)

Kemry is cutting molars, so this is her usual look these days. Wet shirts! UGH Bibs are comical. Unless she's in her carseat and the bib is UNDER the straps, she will hang herself trying to get it off.
That's my beautiful baby girl....slimey as can be. LOL
Does anyone else have this problem? She's always sticky, wet, and messy. We cannot get around it. What happened to the idea that little girls didn't like to be messy and they sat all prim and proper when they ate a nice, neat meal? LOLHer newest thing is blowing raspberries on skin. She prefers Karson's tummy, but will blow on anything. Look at her little cheeks puffed out blowing raspberries on her hand. LOL Of course this adds to the mess.

Ok sorry, went off on a tangent there for a minute...back to our visit to Gran and Grandad's house. This is how Karly plays Guitar Hero. Should I be concerned? lol She was really good at it and plays Ozzy Osbourne best of all. Scary!

While we were there I had to take pictures of some pictures my MIL has hanging in her hall. What babies we were!!! This was the first Braves game we went to when we were dating. We still had 2 more years of dating before we would get married.
Here we were a few months later. Can you tell I was trying to straighten the perm from above out of my hair? LOL Gosh I feel SO old! That was 15 years & 5 kids ago. Wonder which aged us faster - the years or the kids? ;)

Friday, November 09, 2007


Favorite Friday Foto(s)

I couldn't pick one photo this week so I chose a whole day. We have had a tummy bug going through our house this week so we haven't had many opportunities to take pictures. Yesterday I took Kemry outside to rake leaves having no idea how I was actually going to get any raking done. Well, I didn't. I just took pictures instead. lol We may have to hire someone to get our leaves up this year. lol Then we hopped in the car to pick the big kids up and then Karaline and Karson joined us playing in the leaves after school. Here are my favs.

Looks like Kemry is going to need a bigger jacket already. She has hit such a growth spurt she has already grown out of a lot of her fall clothes!

Big girl working the steps!
What? I'm not supposed to knock these over?

Higher...higher...climbing up and up

My girl is suddenly obsessed with cars, trucks, and tractors. She was so excited to find Karson's John Deere!

She actually loved the leaves but she doesn't look like it. She just kept blinking really fast from the crunching of the leaves. lol


She sat under this tree just looking up at it for the longest time! The wind was blowing and it sounded cool, but I was shocked it kept her attention for so long.
I love this stuff mom!

See the temper I get to witness??? She was mad because she wanted to get to me without going through the pile of leaves and hadn't figured out how to go around it yet. Perfect reason for a scream like this, right???
She knows she isn't supposed to mess with the wind chime, so she is flashing me her "whatcha gonna do about this" look

FYI, laughing and taking a picture must translate to "Go ahead and play with it" in baby talk.

Wheee...playing with things I'm not supposed to touch is fun!

My big guys Karaline and Karson made great pictures too. :) They don't like to stop very often for a picture, so this is rare. :)

And my crazy boy...I could just eat these guys up!

And we couldn't not post without saying .....