Monday, November 05, 2007


Better late than never I guess. It has been a crazy crazy week here with the Cash crew and I never got a chance to upload our halloween pictures.
Halloween was crazy here. Three class parties, carving pumpkins, visiting family all over the county in costume, trick or treating in our neighborhood, and then baths and studying for tests before bed (can you believe 2 of my kids had tests the day after Halloween??).
First was Karson's class party

Why is it that everywhere I go, there's someone just a little older than me who wants to treat me like I'm a baby doll. I just want to play like the big kids. lol

Karson is such a wonderful big brother! He had a rough time getting started with this job, but since he got used to the idea, he has become a great big brother!

Then home to carve Kemry and Karson's pumpkins really quickly before going to the big kids' school for parties. This is Kemry's first peek at the inside of a pumpkin. Don't ya wish you could hear what they're thinking?? (well, sometimes that may not be such a good thing lol)
Karson looks less than thrilled lol

It didn't take her long to get her hands in there
This was the funniest thing ever! As soon as she touched the insides her eyes got big and she looked in there like, "WHAT THE HECK?"

Then we went to help out with the big kids' parties at school and came home to carve pumpkins with them.
My sweet Karaline
My goofy Karly

My handsome Kollin

Messy hands (not that it bothers her)

Karson had already carved his pumpkin, so he just stuck around to offer lots of advise. LOL
LOL I love this picture. She is totally disgusted here.
The whole gang carving pumpkins (minus Kemry who is getting a power nap before costume time).
My 5 little trick or treaters! I'm SUPER CRAZY in love with these little guys!!!


Baby John's Crib said...

Looks like everyone had a blast. Kemry is a lucky little girl!!!

Kristy said...

Cute pictures! You do such a great job at keeping up...I don't see how you do it with FIVE! I love all the costumes!! All of your kids seem so sweet!!

Oh, and I love Kemry's picture in the calendar! I messed around and didn't get a picture sent in this year!!!

Steve & Amy said...

Your little goblins are adorable! I love the picture of Kemry looking in the pumpkin!! Looks like everyone had a great time....Can't wait to see what the pics from Christmas will look like:)

Christina said...

The first picture of Kemry is priceless. It looks like she is saying you expect me to put my hands in that? I don't think so.

Ruthanne said...

What a great big brother Karson is!! He's so darn adorable!!
The girls are beautiful (as always)and look great in their costumes.
Didn't I just see Kollin?? He looks about 3 years older? I love his hair that long.
It looks like the kids had a GREAT time even though I know you were probably so busy trying to do all of that in one day. You're such a great mom!!!

Greta Jo said...

What great photos. Your family is beautiful.

Kate said...

Looks like fun at your house!! I can see why you are SO crazy about your kids!! They are beautiful!! And you can just tell they are GREAT kids! Oh, I wish we lived closer!

Our Family of 5 said...

Kelly Girl, you have a beautiful bunch of kiddos! They are all adorable in their outfits! Love all the pumpkin carving pics!

Katie said...

awwww.....they all look so adorable in there costumes !!

Becca said...

You make it look so easy! I have trouble with two! You should write a book...

JoAnn said...

Cute pictures Kelly! Looks like everyone had a wonderful Halloween. The kids look great in their costumes