Friday, November 09, 2007


Favorite Friday Foto(s)

I couldn't pick one photo this week so I chose a whole day. We have had a tummy bug going through our house this week so we haven't had many opportunities to take pictures. Yesterday I took Kemry outside to rake leaves having no idea how I was actually going to get any raking done. Well, I didn't. I just took pictures instead. lol We may have to hire someone to get our leaves up this year. lol Then we hopped in the car to pick the big kids up and then Karaline and Karson joined us playing in the leaves after school. Here are my favs.

Looks like Kemry is going to need a bigger jacket already. She has hit such a growth spurt she has already grown out of a lot of her fall clothes!

Big girl working the steps!
What? I'm not supposed to knock these over?

Higher...higher...climbing up and up

My girl is suddenly obsessed with cars, trucks, and tractors. She was so excited to find Karson's John Deere!

She actually loved the leaves but she doesn't look like it. She just kept blinking really fast from the crunching of the leaves. lol


She sat under this tree just looking up at it for the longest time! The wind was blowing and it sounded cool, but I was shocked it kept her attention for so long.
I love this stuff mom!

See the temper I get to witness??? She was mad because she wanted to get to me without going through the pile of leaves and hadn't figured out how to go around it yet. Perfect reason for a scream like this, right???
She knows she isn't supposed to mess with the wind chime, so she is flashing me her "whatcha gonna do about this" look

FYI, laughing and taking a picture must translate to "Go ahead and play with it" in baby talk.

Wheee...playing with things I'm not supposed to touch is fun!

My big guys Karaline and Karson made great pictures too. :) They don't like to stop very often for a picture, so this is rare. :)

And my crazy boy...I could just eat these guys up!

And we couldn't not post without saying .....




Ruthanne said...

Those are SO cute!!! I went for a walk with Andrew yesterday and looked everywhere for a life pile so I could take some pictures of him---but everyone already has them raked.

Karaline is so adorable. I LOVE the picture of Karson in the leaves.

Steve & Amy said...

If raking leaves always turned out like this I'd rake all day long! The kiddos look adorable as always! Kemry is getting so big!! And I love the picture of Karoline & Karson!

Kristy said...
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Kristy said...

Cute, cute pictures!! I understand about the growth spurt...we are going through shoes at our house. All of a sudden, Kamryn & Kloey's feet are growing (FINALLY!). We're having lots of issues buying clothes for Kloey...she's so skinny and tiny, but needs the length! :) Anyway, I love the pictures! Your kids (all of them) are adorable!!

Thanks for commenting on our family picture...they turned out better than I should of seen us that day with the little ones! They did NOT want to cooperate! I think our photographer did some digital work!! lol!! :) Anyway, thanks. :)

**Sorry about the deleted post...that was me. I noticed a spelling error and things like that bother me. lol! :)

Becca said...

I love them! What a fun day!

Kerri said...

Love all the great pics! But who wouldn't love looking at pics of Kemry. :)
Kerri and Ruby

Bus and Sabra said...

Kemry looks like she is having a ball in the leaves-which are gorgeous by the way!! We don't have any tall leafy trees around our house!(KY) Kemry is beautiful!!

Katie said...

Darling pics -- I can't believe how big Kemry is !!

Kris and Mindy said...

Ohhhh...look how precious she is! And she matches the leaves:-) I just can't get over how much she is growing...what a beautiful little girl!

Our Family of 5 said...

Too Cute! Miss Kemry looks like she has some personality! And of course the big kids are as beautiful as ever!!

Amy said...

Could your children BE ANY CUTER!!!??? I love the pictures and always enjoy your posts. You have a beautiful family.

JoAnn said...

I love leaf pictures. You little ones are so photogenic Kelly! Kemry is getting so big, look at her go on the steps~ Im amazed at how your kids have grown! (LOL, so have mine- eek!!)

Diana said...

Kemry cracks me up everytime you post new pictures. She always has this "Just turn away for a minute mom so I can get mysef into some good trouble" look. She is so cute and I'm SOOOO jealous, we don't get beautiful leaves like that :-(

Christine said...

I love the upside down picture of your son. It is awesome!

Tara said...

Awesome, awesome pics Kelly!! You have the most beautiful kids!!!