Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Messy girl

Visit to Gran and Grandad's House
On Saturday, we visited Gran and Grandad because some family from Alabama were in. As always we ate very very well and had a good time. Kemry managed to ransack the house as always and the kids disappeared for hours at a time in front of the computers and game systems. :)

Kemry is cutting molars, so this is her usual look these days. Wet shirts! UGH Bibs are comical. Unless she's in her carseat and the bib is UNDER the straps, she will hang herself trying to get it off.
That's my beautiful baby girl....slimey as can be. LOL
Does anyone else have this problem? She's always sticky, wet, and messy. We cannot get around it. What happened to the idea that little girls didn't like to be messy and they sat all prim and proper when they ate a nice, neat meal? LOLHer newest thing is blowing raspberries on skin. She prefers Karson's tummy, but will blow on anything. Look at her little cheeks puffed out blowing raspberries on her hand. LOL Of course this adds to the mess.

Ok sorry, went off on a tangent there for a minute...back to our visit to Gran and Grandad's house. This is how Karly plays Guitar Hero. Should I be concerned? lol She was really good at it and plays Ozzy Osbourne best of all. Scary!

While we were there I had to take pictures of some pictures my MIL has hanging in her hall. What babies we were!!! This was the first Braves game we went to when we were dating. We still had 2 more years of dating before we would get married.
Here we were a few months later. Can you tell I was trying to straighten the perm from above out of my hair? LOL Gosh I feel SO old! That was 15 years & 5 kids ago. Wonder which aged us faster - the years or the kids? ;)


Ruthanne said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Those pictures of you and John are killing me!! I wouldn't even have recognized you guys if you hadn't told me it was you!!! The matching denim shirts are my wait, maybe the fringy bangs...or the perm....oh, I can't decide!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new picture at the top of your blog. Your kids are GOR-geous!!!!!! And your photography skills are amazing!!!!

JoAnn said...

Kelly, OMG on the pics of you and John- how cute are you guys! Just kids!

Poor Kemry with her teething. It's so hard on them.

I agree with Ruthanne, I LOVE the new picture of the kids that you have at the top of your blog. Did you take that picture? You totally have an eye for it~ It's awesome!

Steve & Amy said...

Kelly....You look soooo young in those pictures! LOVE the hair:) Kemry cracks me up....she may not want to wear a bib but she'll eat her oranges with her little pinky sticking prim & proper!! Hopefully this "juicy" state will be over soon! LOVE the new picture at the top of the blog!!!


I have to agree with your assessment that little girls are always so neat and clean -- my little Elena is the BIGGEST mess maker. I just pretty much spread a tarp around her when it is time to eat LOL!

Love the photos of your beautiful family and Elena is still totally taken with Kemry.

Natalie said...

O.k., those pictures of you are John are killing me! When did you start dating- birth- LOL ?!? You look SOOOO young.

Oh, and Arianna is nowhere near prim and proper either! Her new favorite game is swordfighting with one of her brothers light sabers- ugh!

Kerri said...

Love the old pics!
We've decided in our house that molars are totally overrated.
Kerri and Ruby