Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Fun

Christmas Cookies, New Puppies, Soccer Games,
& Band Concerts

Look how great my little guys did decorating Christmas cookies!!! They were supposed to be for Santa but they are already gone. LOL What does Santa expect from a house of 7 sweet tooths? (we made way more than this by the way lol)

My brother and his finace got a new puppy (pomapoo - pomeranian/poodle) so we had to go see it. She is a very very hyper fiesty little thing, but cute as can be! The kids LOVED her.

Then Kollin had a soccer game. I didn't get any good pictures "in action", but I will post what I have. I love how my kids give Kemry attention even when most kids wouldn't think it's "cool". LOL Kollin was on a quick water break and had to stop to say hi to Kemry before getting back in the game.
My fiesty little thing definitely owns the sidelines! lol
There's SO much to take in at these games - two games going on, whistles, beeping, horns, kids playing and yelling, people always wanting to talk to Kemry!
This looks like such a sweet picture because it appears that she's cuddling with daddy, but she is really trying to get down ON the field to get brother. LOL
Ok she really IS cuddling with daddy here. :)
The field is always so staticy. It's crazy how much static those plastic walls create. Look at Kemry's hair. LOL

We also had the Christmas Band Concert this week. These are just the 6th graders. Kollin plays the drums. He's the 6th one from the left in the very back standing up. They did a VERY good job to have only been playing actual songs for a couple of months.

Here's another one of my big guy. He's the tallest one in the back...very easy to spot.

Last but not least, it's CHRISTMAS VACATION!!!!!!! We can wear our hair like Kemry's here (LOL), we can stay in our PJs all day, we can have Christmas cookies for lunch if we want, and cuddle all day in front of the fireplace reading books. Ok ok so we still have my brother's wedding on Saturday and that is going to be busy busy, but for the most part we get to veg for a week or two! :D


Kate said...

LOVE the pictures!!! I think I want to come to your house and eat cookies!! I didn't make any this year:( I made some other things but oh, the cookies look so good!! Kemry is getting so so so big and looking beautiful as always:) Looks like you have been busy but having fun! Merry Christmas Cash family!!!!!!!!!HUGS!

Ruthanne said...

I love, love, love seeing new pictures of your adorable kids. Kollin and Karly are too cute together.
The 'static' pictures are so funny!!
Kemry looks so OLD!! She can't be growing up already--she just came home (or at least that's how it feels to me. lol)

JoAnn said...

Wow, did they EVER do a nice job on the cookies! They look great! You have had a busy week to be sure. Kemry is growing up so quickly isn't she, she is just a little pumpkin- Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!