Friday, September 28, 2007


Favorite Foto Friday
This week I felt everyone needed a smile with all the problems Guatemala has faced this week having all of us terrified for the future of the children we love so much and adoptions. So today is Favorite Funny Foto Friday for us. :) There are sooo many more but it's a crazy busy day so I didn't get time to dig too deep for my FAVS of my FAVS...
What??? Swimming IN my clothes isn't good?
Come any closer to my watermelon and I'm not responsible for my actions
No explaination necessary ;)
Karson and "Rosie the Dinosaur" counting cars
This photoshoot was over when the "big kids" got the sillies
This is how I greeted Mommy and Daddy when they gave me my first bath on the visit trip
And the biggest reason to smile today.....this beautiful duo is arriving home in the US today to begin their lives together as a forever family!!!!!!!!!!! CORRECTION: As I was typing this I got a txt message from Ruthanne that they just arrived in Houston...ANDREW IS A U.S. CITIZEN!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Karaline had her first soccer game (well, first game with this team...she played this past spring on another team) Monday and I was so proud of her! She scored the first of 3 goals and hussled her little rear off! Soccer is so out of the box for her. She is such a mild, meek, artistic, nature girl. She is really shy, doesn't play rough at all. She's also one of the smallest kids her age in her class at 40lbs (2nd grade). Get this girl on a soccer field and a whole other personality comes out! LOL She doesn't care how big the kid on the other team is, she goes at them! It's SO CUTE to watch!

(Sorry some of these pics are cruddy. I was playing with settings on my camera and ruined some of the pics.)

Getting ready! Something about seeing her sitting in the floor (surrounded by Kemry's mess of toys) tying her shoes with her shin guards on that made me think, "oh my gosh, my BABY girl is growing up!" She's the LITTLE one (before Kemry of course). She has always been the little sister following her big sister Karly around. In this picture she suddenly looked so big.

Smiling at the ref (she's a smart girl lol)

Going in for her FIRST GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KARALINE GO! GO KARALINE GO! We screamed like lunatics!

She sure ate her share of dirt too. She was on the ground about as much as she was standing! If that happened at home the child would have to be carried around the house for days with all her "boo boos". lol
Meanwhile, on the sidelines, Kemry is playing with Aunt Kasey. She looooooves Aunt Kasey.
Here she is perfecting her newly learned walking skills! That was yesterday and she had to be coaxed (see my dad showing her his Mt Dew??). Today she just chooses to walk whenever she wants to get anywhere. She still only goes 3-4 steps at the most, but she isn't giving up!
My FIL's birthday was Saturday and Karson thought it was THAT DAY. The whole time we were there he was making everyone say Happy Birthday to "Drandad" (Grandad). We couldn't say Happy Birthday John (his name). It had to be Drandad. Also he was FILTHY dirty from playing in the dirt pile behind us and insisted on lots of hugs for Drandad's birthday. My dad left with huge handprints all over his back and I'm sure my FIL did too.

Karson and Aunt Kayla - how she got him to sit still for this I'll never know.

Isn't this sweet even though it's a crappy quality? My sweet girl and my amazing nephew!

Kemry and Kollin had a ticklefest once we got home and was getting Kemry ready for bed. I love seeing these little guys loving each other!

Friday, September 21, 2007


FFF - Birthday Week!
For this week's Favorite Friday Foto I chose to share my favorite pictures of the birthday guys together. Kemry's is 9/19 and Kollin's is 9/20. When we got our referral last Oct and we realized their birthdays were a day apart I wondered how we would survive this week (not only do they nearly share a birthday, but my dad's is Sept 2, my sister's is Sept 10, my FIL's is Sept 22, and my nephew's is Oct 4). Just a little bit of relaxing on our part and it went great! :)

This was at the airport on May4, 2007 when Kollin and Kemry met for the first time.
Kemry getting loves from her big brother
For a while this tongue thing is the only way Kemry would smile. LOL She would get so excited and stick her tongue out instead of smiling.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy birthday Kollin

12 years ago today my life changed forever in so many ways I could have never imagined. I became a mommy. Kollin is the AMAZING little boy that got to give me that title. He had a rough route into this world, but he has done nothing but make up for it since. :) I cannot even put into words how wonderful this person is. He is one of the most honest, caring, obedient, thoughtful, and intelligent people I have ever had the honor of meeting. He makes me a better person. I'm so blessed to be chosen to be his mother.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET BOY!!!! Thank you so much for being YOU!!

His photoshow is in another post below. I couldn't get it to post in this post with text.

Happy 12th Birthday Kollin

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kemry's First Birthday Party


I'm not quite sure about all these people just looking at me. Don't they know my birthday isn't until WEDNESDAY?

Awww there's my pappaw! He can always make me smile!
AND my Nanny!
My Gran too!!! I have lots of people loving me!The birthday girl and her cake PRESENT TIME!

I've been sitting here long enough...bring on the CAKE! MUCH BETTER

Come on Alex!! You can definitely share with me. This is good practice because your birthday party is in 2 weeks!

Hey Kemry, do you see what I see??? Why are we scraping for these crumbs when a whole cake is just right there?!