Friday, December 28, 2007


Favorite Foto Friday
One year ago today, we were in Guatemala meeting Kemry for the first time. we got to spend 4 amazing days getting to know our precious angel, meeting new friends, and enjoying a wonderful country and culture that would change our hearts forever!

These are our favorite pictures taken at the Marriott in Guatemala City when Kemry was 3 months old. We would have to leave her after this and not see her again for 4 more months. Leaving her behind with no idea when we would get to return was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do.

Kemry always lit up when daddy talked to her!
This photo was taken in the Marriott lobby by our friend, Kristen! You can check her blog out by clicking on her link in my side bar labeled "Kristen & Bianca". She has a beautiful family and takes wonderful pictures! This was also the first time I saw Kemry's dimples. I was blubbering like a crazy person in front of our new friends. They probably thought I was loco!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Ours Christmas was so busy and seemed to zoom by too fast, but it was again so wonderful to be able to see the sparkle in the kids' eyes. This was Kemry's first Christmas *HOME* and Karson's first Christmas truly being able to understand the real meaning behind it. It was such a joy getting to see the excitement and wonder of Christmas in them as their parents. This is the first year we've been able to celebrate with my family on Christmas Eve here at our house. Usually we go to my parents and then my grandparents and then my aunt's house all on one night. It's really rough for the kids and we always end up getting home so late. This year they all came here for dinner and present time. :)
This was BEFORE Santa came! I was getting concerned Santa wasn't going to have anything left to bring or a place to put it.
Kemry REALLY got into the gift opening. At her birthday just in September she didn't care a bit about presents or opening them. Something big changed between then and now. :) She could be a professional. At one point she disappeared and we found her in the gifts hidden. If you look closely you can barely see her little dark head behind the Santa gift bag.
She had half of them half opened before they were handed out.
My sweet little guys Karaline and Karson. The rabbit ears are in every picture these days. LOL
These girlies LOOOOOVE their daddy!
Monkey See Monkey Do....of coure the purple cup is Kemry's and the green one is Alex's. These guys won't drink their own cups even if they're exactly alike and have the exact same thing in them. LOL
Aunt Kasey and Karlypoo.
FINALLY present time. Kemry's first gift was as tall as her.
YAHOOOO!!! Karly is such an excitable child. :) If you want to feel good about yourself, get Karly a gift. It doesn't matter what it is, she LOVES it and makes a huge deal about it. LOL
Kollin was a VERY happy boy. Everyone got him his favorite, most desired games.
Karaline was very happy with the Cabbage Patch Doll she got and it fits in perfectly because her name starts with a K!
After everyone left we read our last Bible verses to complete the Advent chain and then read the story of the Nativity and then came one of the kids' favorite parts - going outside to leave food for Santa's reindeers.
Here they all are sprinkling magic oats for the reindeer around the ground. Christmas Morning
Did he come?? Can we come in yet? This is at 4am and I had to go in and check to see if Santa had even came yet.
I love this picture because all the kids' expressions show their personalities. Kollin - "SWEET! A Wii!"
Karly - just lots of giggles
Karaline - she gets so shy and embarrassed when excited
Karson - "He DID tome (come)! He DID!"

Our home will never be the same again
Morning hair and a runny nose- still beautiful! ;)
Moon Sand creations
Christmas Dinner at John's parents' house
My BIL's fiance made this for his parents. John's family is from Alabama and are HUUUGE Bama fans. John's dad has slowly over the years turned into a UT fan. Logan, my BIL for some reason is a Georgia fan. What a combination!
The whole family - mine and John's - gets together on Christmas day for dinner at my inlaws house. It's really nice to cut out "house hopping" for us.
My MIL fixed a HUGE meal and it was all really good too! :) Kemry and I want it all but we know it won't all fit on our plate!
December 22
My brother's wedding
(told ya our Christmas was LOCO busy)
My handsome dude! Kollin was an usher.
The girls were flower girls.
John was a groomsman and my dad and the babies just came looking snazzy. :) Here was my one quick attempt at getting a picture of all my little guys together all dressed up. It didn't work out very well.
I love this picture of Alex and my dad smiling at each other. Kemry got taken out of the ceremony early and was the first at the reception ready to party!
chocolate face Karson was a ring bearer

Friday, December 21, 2007


Favorite Friday Foto
Kollin and Karly both had concerts on the same night at the same time this past week. Kollin had a band concert and Karly had a chorus concert. They were both required to dress basically the same way, so Karly was overjoyed to be "twins". LOL Kollin was less than thrilled, but he was very willing to pose with her. LOL Kollin has been to several of Karly's concerts, but he only had 1 concert and she was going to have to miss it. This tore her all to pieces. The second she was finished, she didn't stick around for anything else (that says a lot for this socialite). She flew out of there with my FIL and to Kollin's concert (luckily it wasn't very far away). The Jazz Band had played first and she walked in just in time to catch the first song. I was such a proud proud mama that night. Not only was I proud to see my children's accomplishments musically, but so proud to see how much they love and support each other.
Karly is so naturally huggy and lovey. Kollin isn't (but has many of his own great traits). LOL When I told him he HAD to stop looking like he was in pain, he turned it into a funny competition which just got Karly laughing too hard to keep her eyes open. Welcome to every photo op around this house! LOL

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Fun

Christmas Cookies, New Puppies, Soccer Games,
& Band Concerts

Look how great my little guys did decorating Christmas cookies!!! They were supposed to be for Santa but they are already gone. LOL What does Santa expect from a house of 7 sweet tooths? (we made way more than this by the way lol)

My brother and his finace got a new puppy (pomapoo - pomeranian/poodle) so we had to go see it. She is a very very hyper fiesty little thing, but cute as can be! The kids LOVED her.

Then Kollin had a soccer game. I didn't get any good pictures "in action", but I will post what I have. I love how my kids give Kemry attention even when most kids wouldn't think it's "cool". LOL Kollin was on a quick water break and had to stop to say hi to Kemry before getting back in the game.
My fiesty little thing definitely owns the sidelines! lol
There's SO much to take in at these games - two games going on, whistles, beeping, horns, kids playing and yelling, people always wanting to talk to Kemry!
This looks like such a sweet picture because it appears that she's cuddling with daddy, but she is really trying to get down ON the field to get brother. LOL
Ok she really IS cuddling with daddy here. :)
The field is always so staticy. It's crazy how much static those plastic walls create. Look at Kemry's hair. LOL

We also had the Christmas Band Concert this week. These are just the 6th graders. Kollin plays the drums. He's the 6th one from the left in the very back standing up. They did a VERY good job to have only been playing actual songs for a couple of months.

Here's another one of my big guy. He's the tallest one in the back...very easy to spot.

Last but not least, it's CHRISTMAS VACATION!!!!!!! We can wear our hair like Kemry's here (LOL), we can stay in our PJs all day, we can have Christmas cookies for lunch if we want, and cuddle all day in front of the fireplace reading books. Ok ok so we still have my brother's wedding on Saturday and that is going to be busy busy, but for the most part we get to veg for a week or two! :D