Friday, January 25, 2008

FFF -to Dawn

Favorite Foto Friday
~To Dawn~

This week is a very sad FFF for me. We learned in the past week that a very wonderful family we love so dearly will be moving back home to WI. Dawn has been one of my very best friends for 9 years. Dawn has taught me so much about life and being a better person, friend, mom, and volunteer. I have become a much better person because of her, but I still have such a long way to go to hold a candle to her. She is definitely a role model to me.

Dawn is one of the best moms I know. She is so understanding, supportive, and loving with her 2 daughters and it shows. Both of them are amazing. They are both beautiful, extremely talented (what these girls can do with ballet shoes on is amazing), intelligent, and most of all two of the kindest, most considerate, well mannered children I have ever known. I love those girls like nieces! She puts her family first - always! She is one of the only people that understands my crazy ideas of family values.

Dawn is one of the best wives I know. She is everything Proverbs 31 says to be. She is so supportive of her husband, John. She has helped me become a better wife.

She is a great volunteer. Dawn and I actually met when she was volunteering as the first leader of our MOMS group. She usually outdoes herself and everyone around knows if Dawn is in charge, not only will the job get done, but it will be done unlike anything anyone else could ever do. She is the most organized, responsible, planner I have ever met from school functions, social functions, community functions, church functions, work functions, YOU NAME IT! Dawn has taught me so much about event planning but most of all not to become so over stretched you stop enjoying it.

Dawn is a fabulous gardener. Her home is so inviting with her beautiful rose garden. She is always cooking with the fresh herbs she cuts from her garden and that's just something that boggles me because I have never been good at that myself.

Dawn is one of the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. If Dawn is around, everyone feels welcome and involved. She is so friendly and easy to talk to. She doesn't care to tell you when you are out of line either which I LOVE! I call her every time I have one of those "am I overreacting or too sensitive" moments because I know she will tell me straight up. She has such a loving way of doing it though. :) I respect her opinion on every issue. She is just such a good good friend I cannot even say enough. She has been there for me everytime I have needed it (and even when I haven't but appreciated it anyway) even if she thought I was a nutcase and disagreed with me. LOL We're all going to miss Dawn so much. My heart is going to break every time I'm strolling our neighborhood this summer and see her house occupied by someone other than her, and when I take the girls into ballet and she isn't there, and at every school function when I walk in looking for her friendly face to go sit by.

We have made some wonderful memories and had tons of fun through our mommy aventures the past 9 years. We have cried together (like when her youngest daughter was ill) and laughed together (like during our mommy ballet classes....what were we thinking?? lol). Life definitely won't be the same here without her family.

Saying we will miss you, Dawn, is an understatement. Our whole community will have a huge hole in it for some time. WE LOVE YOU DAWN!


Ruthanne said...

Wow! What a beautiful tribute to your friend. I'm so sorry she is moving away--I know what a huge hole that can leave in your life and in your hearts. {{{HUGS}}} to both of you. I'm sure she will miss you just as much as you are going to miss her.

Sarah said...

What a wonderful post dedicated to your friend! I am sure the distance will not dim that relationship!

Becca said...

What a great treasure to share with your friend - this tribute is something she will hold in her heart while she makes this move. You sound like you are just as awesome as she is.

Peace and Hugs

Steve & Amy said...

What a great post for your wonderful friend! Hopefully you can visit her when she makes the move. Maybe even drop in on a ballet class:) Friends like this are such blessings from God! But why do they have to move?? Can't we all just have unlimited frequent flyer miles???????? Prayers and hugs!

Letitia said...

She sounds like a wonderful lady and friend. I'm sorry she has to move so far away. I can relate as my oldest daughter (21) is going through this same thing. Her closest friend (besides her sister) just had to move to Central America last week. They are both grieving.
I pray the Lord comforts you and fills the void.