Sunday, January 20, 2008


Our upstairs heat pump wasn't working right so of course here comes my dad...the savior of all home repairs. LOL Kemry really adores my dad. Our upstairs heat pump is in the attic. Kemry has never experienced the attic and boy was she amazed!!!! The added bonus to her curiosity - her PAPPAW was up there!
Before I knew it, she was nearly in the attic!!!!! She is such a daredevil! She just climbed right up there without any fear at all (Kollin had climbed up there to take my dad some tools minutes before and was shaking like a leaf).
My handsome boy is stuck. :)
Oh and here's the "blizzard" the weather guys had the whole town torn up about. I'm so glad they warned us so everyone could rush out, stock up on groceries, and go into a panic a nuke was headed this way. We just ended up with a dusting as usual, but Karson had a blast. :) I miss the big snows we used to get though and wish the kids could experience what we did as kids.
Kemry already knows how to drive like a Tennesseean! :) What's that bump in the road?? Probably just one of our giant potholes.
No it's DADDY! :) Yep she's just wearing a diaper. This was just after dinner and before bathtime. We stripped her off in her high chair because she was a mess.
See what I mean? LOL Karson is going through a changing clothes stage. The minute he gets home he strips down to undies. If he gets cold or wants clothes on he starts going through his PJ drawer. He sometimes changes 6 or 7 times before he is finally satisfied wearing nothing again.

This ballpit hasn't been used as a ballpit at all, but it has been used nonstop for something! LOL Playhouse, trampoline, club house, fort, you name it.
Sweet Karaline and her daddy.

Saturday was "hair day" at ballet rehearsals. Our ballet director wanted the girls to wear their hair the way they plan to wear it for the show so they could get her approval or disapproval...they're supposed to be bratty little birthday party girls. I much prefer the bun we're used to. So easy to get up and STAY up. :) This was our first attempt at rollers (we've done them for weddings and other things before and not had a lot of success OR we've had a professional doing it). She slept in them with no problem. We just have to figure out what to do about school this week. She has to wear them several hours before the show and her hair has to be ready by 4pm everyday for the show.
SWEET girls!
The red bow was just for size practice...she won't be wearing a bow at all with the purple forest girls parts and will be wearing a matching color in the other parts. LOL

Ack....scary part!

The lady in the middle is a doll that was given at the birthday party. She does such an amazing job you forget she ISN'T a doll. Karly is sitting on the stage with the dark plum dress on at the doll's feet. FIVE more days before the first show night! (THANKS AGAIN Cindy for the good pictures I didn't get!)


Becca said...

What a bunch of great photos!


Kerri said...

Love all the pics! Ruby is channeling Kemry's dare devil spirit.
Can't wait to hear how the ballet goes.
Kerri and Ruby

Letitia said...

I *love* that first picture of Kemrey (I hope I sp. that right)looking up the stairs. My two little ones, especially the youngest, have always been daredevil/mischeif makers! You think it's in their blood. My oldest daughter's best friend is Guatemalan, and hearing about her childhood, we've decided it is definitely in the blood! LOL!
We usually don't use too many chemicals around here, but these show hairstyles sometimes call for desperate measures! For the Christmas show my girls were in, they had to have curls. Ashley's hair DOES NOT curl. If you go to a hair salon place and get Hot Sets, I think by Redkin, it works great. Take a strip of hair, spray good with the Hot Sets, roll up in the curling iron, and hold for about 30 sec. Do that all over the head. Spray the curls really well, then let dry and cool completely. Gently comb through the curls with a wide tooth comb. That worked for mine. I don't know if that would give you time between school and the show or not. You can also roll the curls up in a sponge curler after using the curling iron. That will hold them until you're ready to go. Hope the show is great.

Letitia said...

I should have said "spray the curls really well with hairspray", but you probably guessed that.

Our Family of 5 said...

Love Love Love all the pictures. Little Miss DareDevil. She sure didn't look afraid. And your cutie patootie boys and Karly is so beautiful. And Miss Karaline is a beauty too. Karson I just wanna eat him up!!

Kate said...

What a little monkey!! Gabi isn't a climber, she only climbs on the couch:) Kemry is getting so big and looks like a little girl not a baby!! Also it looks like it was a really cool production Karly was in!! Love all the pictures.

Steve & Amy said...

Karly looks so beautiful! I wish I could see the production! (I'm a dancer too, still take tap lessons & participate in recitals:) That Kemry looks like she's going to be a miss fix it! What a blizzard! Hope you didn't get a sore back shoveling all that snow!!!!

Steve & Amy said...

Karly looks so beautiful! I wish I could see the production! (I'm a dancer too, still take tap lessons & participate in recitals:) That Kemry looks like she's going to be a miss fix it! What a blizzard! Hope you didn't get a sore back shoveling all that snow!!!!

Tara said...

Look at her go! I love her cruisin' over top the speed bump (dadddy) The girls look gorgeous on stage. WOW! I can mail you guys some snow if you'd like :)

Ruthanne said...

Rats. Tara took all the comments I was going to make. LOL
I LOVE the Daddy speed bump. That's hilarious. Kollin is such a good big brother---way to keep Kemry safe, Kollin.
Karly looks beautiful. The play looks amazing.
We don't have a ton of snow, but I'm happy to send you some below zero weather if you'd like it. I'm sick of it! :)

Heather said...

What gorgeous pictures of all of your children! How exciting for Karly - can't wait to read all about opening night . . .
Have a great week!
Love & FROG,