Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sleeping Beauty rehearsals

Rehearsals for Sleeping Beauty are in full swing! Things are starting to really come together, but of course with any production we still have a long way to go in 2 weeks. We are doing Sleeping Beauty but with a Christian twist to it. :) It's very interesting and all of our director's productions are very inspiring. Instead of fairy godmothers we have angels. It's a very fast paced, action packed ballet full of good vs evil. Lots of fight scenes which are always so exciting to see as a dance. Karaline choose to take a break from ballet this year, but Karly is crazy about ballet (and being on stage doing ANYTHING...she's such an audience craver in every aspect of her life LOL).

Karly is in the blue striped shirt here. This was a week or two ago. For her part she has to wear her hair down. This is the first ballet she has ever been in without a bun. I'm nervous about it because her hair doesn't do so well (AT ALL) down. I can work on it for hours and within minutes it's stringy and stick straight again.


The ballet director (who is also Karly's teacher) is the main angel. Jeff, the professional from the Louisville Ballet, is the prince. He has to choose between Carabosse/Evil and the Angel/Good. The sword to win over evil and save Aurora!All the angels (they are fighting all the little devils but you can barely see the little devils down there at the ground....those little guys are 7 & 8 and do a GREAT job playing such a mean part).

Everyone hugging and happy...Karly's best part! HA HA She is the one right in the center of this picture with the light blue skirt.

I forgot my camera this week, but I'll try to get more next weekend. We'll have many more props and costumes ready then.


Becca said...

What talent! Ella went to ballet class for one "season" ~ She was NOT into it. I love the picture of the sword where good wins over evil!


Steve & Amy said...

Karly has such natural grace & beauty!!! I wish I lived closer so I could come see the final performance!