Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sleeping Beauty - the ballet

Sleeping Beauty went WELL! It was an amazing show and the cast did FANTASTIC! We were so proud of all of them!
We asked for curls and God granted them! :) The first night she had more curls than she knew what to do with. We got to experience trying to tone down the curls for the first time ever! :)

Karly with her VERY sweet friend (she is one of 6 kids, 5 girls and 1 boy. 4 of the girls are ballerinas and GREAT ones at that).

Karly and her mommy backstage before the show.

just a few of the show (the photographer did an awesome job capturing the show and I will share those pictures when I get them)


Karly's in the yellow on the right

Karly is the little girl farthest on the left

Karly getting lifted (her favorite part)
From the wingsBackstage - all the birthday party girls
Birthday Party Girls and the director's son who is a nut!

Kollin & the director's son. They're 32hrs apart in age and have become really good friends over the past 3 years.

Cast photo (excited to get the pro shot...mine is icky)
Karly and her daddy after the show

Karly was very excited to see that one of her teachers came to watch.
And several of her friends from school

and Gran and Grandad too!

Signing autographs after the final show

Karly and Saturday Aurora
Karly and Jeff, the professional from Louisville who played the part of the prince
Karly and Lori Ann, the director of our ballet and played the white angel in the ballet.
A bunch of silly girls after the show
Karly and Fri/Sun Aurora (she's the oldest of the family of 6 kids I mentioned above)
Karly and Dante, the professional from NY who played the part of the jester. He was a HOOT! Karly and Tanya, another professional from Tennessee who played the part of the doll at the birthday party. She has FIVE children (all bio). Can you believe she can look like this and still dance professionally TOO? She's amazing!
Karly and one of our favorite little girls (my friend Dawn's daughter) in the whole wide world!!! She was one of the little devils and did an AMAZING job! Acting is certainly her THING!

Karly was happy to see Aunt Kayla, Aunt Kasey, mammaw, nanny and pappaw there to watch her.
Karly and another one of her school friends!

Karly absolutely adores Parke who played the meanest person on stage - Carabosse! Karly and the white kitty. :) This gal graduated on last year but came back for a part in this year's ballet which thrilled everyone!


Tara said...

The pictures are beautiful! It looks like it was an amazing production!

Ruthanne said...

That show looks AMAZING!! Karly is beautiful and is BEAMING!

Becca said...

Karly looks so beautiful!

Peace and Hugs,

Christina said...

What an exciting thing to be able to do. She looked absolutely beautiful.

Cindy said...

Hey Kelly,
Karly's curls looked great! You did such a good job getting her picture with everyone. She has such a sweet smile. See you Tuesday.

Our Family of 5 said...

oh my gravy! Karly looks beautiful!!

Kate said...

WOW!!! I love the pictures!!!! It looked like an amazing production!! Karly is just stunning (look out boys!!) And Kollin is one handsome boy!! All your children are just beautiful, you and John better prepare early for the "dating" years a head!!:)

Sarah said...

karly looks so beautiful with her curls and her smile shows how much fun she had!!!

Steve & Amy said...

What a beautiful ballerina! SO much grac & beauty...oh and the CRULS!!!!! I wish I could have seen it!!!! Is that 3rd position that she's in in one of the pictures????:) Can't wait to see what the next production will be!!! We just ordered our costumes for out recital (it's in May). Karly i give a grande plie hurray on your performance:)

Kerri said...

What great pics! I know the show was even better. :)
Kerri and Ruby

Steve & Amy said...

Oh and I am tagging you:)

Kris and Mindy said...

Oh wow she looks so beautiful and it looks like an amazing production!!

Mary Ann said...

great pictures! Beautiful girl!!!!!

I am tagging you too! Sorry!
Mary Ann