Friday, February 22, 2008

FFF - then & now

Favorite Friday Foto time! Sarah has started a FFF theme for each week that's optional of course but lots of fun. This week's theme is THEN and NOW. I have to admit I took all day looking through old pictures for this one and it should have only taken me a few minutes. I couldn't stop looking at all the pictures. I had to do all my kids. It's been a sappy emotional day looking back at all these old pictures! :) My babies have all grown SO fast!
I had to add this...I love this picture. This was just a few days after Karson was born (notice the jaundice). I love the snarl he's already giving his sister. lol
And here they are now best friends!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun Adventure


The kids had the day off on Monday so my sisters and I took them to a super fun place nearby for the day. Kemry and Alex were done after a very short time...too much stimulation, not enough nappy time beforehand, etc. The big kids had a blast though.

I love that she took the time to turn and flash me a smile while she was dangling from the sky. lol
Karson just scored on her lol
I need one of these at home to get my frustrations out sometimes. :)

Miniature Alex. ;)
Kayla and Karson
Kemry is a slide master. She climbs it herself (no one is shocked there I'm sure) and just shoots down the slide without a fear about her.

Kollin and Karly playing the percussion game. Kollin killed her, but he plays percussion in the middle school band. :)

I think the trick must be the way you hold your mouth while you play and everyone knew this but me. :)
Karly showing her percussion face
Kollin showing his percussion face
Karly got him back on the rock climbing wall though. She climbed it in 43 seconds!

This is more Kollin's pace. :) ON the ground

The wee ones enjoyed the riding games
Isn't my nephew a doll?
Karson is an arcade maniac

These are some pictures my camera took the night before of Alex.

Friday, February 15, 2008

FFF - Sleeping Angels

FFF - Sleeping Angels

Sleep has been a very big and ever evolving process here at the Cash home with Kemry. When we visited Kemry at 3 months old we were in heaven...she slept so well! We couldn't believe we got such a fantastic sleeper. These are my 2 favorite sleepy pictures from the visit trip. Isn't she beautiful??

Then she came home and sleep was VALUABLE and hard to come by!! Life has never been so foggy. LOL Here are 2 pictures showing life as soon as she came home. Wherever she fell asleep, she was there until she woke up. We were not attempting moving her whatsoever! LOL Here she is in the backpack (I just took it off, put it in her room, and left her in it lol) and in the sling which was the only way she would fall asleep after hours of swaying and rocking and swinging when she first came home. How dragged down and pooped do I look there? LOL I'm sure poor little Kemry had it worse in a new strange place being super sleepy too!

We finally got Kemry sleeping like a dream on a perfect schedule. THEN comes the first time we are out of town away from her own room. This is how she finally crashes for nap at Guatoberfest in Atlanta. Big lessons were learned this weekend. #1 Kemry does NOT sleep when we're away from home. #2 Kemry is NOT a happy camper without her sleep. #3 I will never again go out of town without John. lol

Kemry doesn't like to sleep in the car, but when she does we all walk on eggshells to keep her that way. LOL Isn't she a sleeping doll though?? :) Kemry now sleeps fabulous as long as her routine isn't messed up. :) She sleeps all night unless something is wrong, but I don't think she'll ever be a very adaptive napper and that's ok. :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Finally some outside playtime!!!!!!!!!!!
On Monday we had a weird temp surge and had temps in the 70s. It was so nice to get out of the sick house (the kids have been sick for over a week but we pretended for this day that they weren't lol). They didn't even know what to do with all their freedom. I was sad the other kids missed it because they were in school. We should get "good weather days" like snow days. lol

What do we do now? We've explored all around the house.

Miss no fear
Mister Charm
She was checking me out in the reflection of the storm door. LOL

When she was finished wiht our yard, she took off to the neighbor's yard.
Then the back steps to the deck. Those leaves are a lost cause. Everytime we get them up, the winds blow more down here from the woods behind our house.
Look at that tummy!
Karson aka Lightening McQueen!

Some more random photos....I loved this picture of their good morning loves. These two are the most cuddly of the house anyway.
We got a really bad line of storms through on Wednesday (the same storms that did so much destruction in West TN). As the wind rolled in before the storm hit, Kemry was stunned! She stood there and watched it forever!
I was cleaning carpet in the dining room when I saw my audience. Kemry is such a cutup. Karaline is cracking up at all the funny stuff Kemry is doing to get my attention.