Friday, February 22, 2008

FFF - then & now

Favorite Friday Foto time! Sarah has started a FFF theme for each week that's optional of course but lots of fun. This week's theme is THEN and NOW. I have to admit I took all day looking through old pictures for this one and it should have only taken me a few minutes. I couldn't stop looking at all the pictures. I had to do all my kids. It's been a sappy emotional day looking back at all these old pictures! :) My babies have all grown SO fast!
I had to add this...I love this picture. This was just a few days after Karson was born (notice the jaundice). I love the snarl he's already giving his sister. lol
And here they are now best friends!


Sarah said...

Kelly, I just LOVE all your then and now pics! I think I will have to go back and find some of Morgan and Grant and post them too. Love how Karson has his dukes up too! Too funny!

Our Family of 5 said...

OH Kelly! They are each and everyone absolutely beautiful. Just as beautiful now as they were then.

Kristen and the Gang said...

I just love all the old pictures and your babies look like themselves as they got is amazing!

Ruthanne said...

That is amazing!! I could have picked out each of your kids just by looking at their eyes!! They're all so distinctive and beautiful!!
And look at the legs on Karaline!!! Love those little chubsters.

Carla said...

How beautiful your children were and are. I love all the pics, and it's amazing how they all look the same only older. I probably could've recognized each one just by looking at the baby pics. I love the one w/Karly in the Creative Memories box.

Kate said...

What a great post!!!! How fun to look back at all those pictures:) As always all your children are just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Mom Of 3 said...

They are so cute! thanks for sharing!

Tara said...

Ahhh! You and I were SO on the same page today! LOL. Your kids are beautiful before and after. I love 'em!

Jennifer said...

Your kiddos are so cute and I love your descriptions of them on your sidebar! Thanks for sharing!


Faithful Froggers said...

Oh, I just love every picture. Each one of your children are beautiful - then & now. How blessed you are!

Have a great weekend!
Love & FROG,

samantha- mama to julian said...

wow, that is one yellow baby!
they're all just lovely then and now. you can see their sweet spirit in their eyes. every one of them.

Christina said...

All of your children are as beautiful as they were they day they were born. YOU are one lucky mommy.

Debbie said...

Kelly, Thank you for stopping by our blog! Your kiddos are beautiful. All of my bio kids were jaundiced too. I love the then and now pics! Love the cat too!


Jennisa said...

Thanks by coming by my blog! Your kids are beautiful!


Katie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You have beautiful children. :)

ellasmommy said...

Oh Kelly,
Your babes are all so beautiful...then and now! Isn't it amazing how fast this time goes by??? Sad in some ways that they grow so fast, but also completely incredible to watch as they grow into these unique and beautiful people that God intends for them to be! They are all so sweet, Kelly! I can't believe how big Kemry is getting and how long her hair is!!! And yes, she does remind me a lot of Emmy in some of her pictures!!!


Becca said...

Wow - I don't think I realized how many kids you have until seeing this post! They are all so beautiful!

Peace and Hugs,

Steve & Amy said...

Oh Kelly! What a beautiful post!!!! How neat to see how far everyone has come! Your children are so BEAUTIFUL! (By the way I just have comment on the box Karly is in...Creative Memories:) I take it you are a fellow scrapbooker????) What blessings each of your kiddos are!


Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos -- your children are all so beautiful and happy. My, how big Kemry is now -- Elena almost didn't recognize her. :)


Dena said...

Now that is a CUTE crew!

JoAnn said...

Kelly, your children are all so beautiful. It's so neat to see how they really still look the same only bigger LOL They were all cute cute babies and now are beautiful and handsome children. Great Post!