Friday, March 28, 2008

FFF - eyes

Windows to the soul

Sarah's theme this week for the Favorite Friday Foto is EYES. I just took a lot of pictures of the kids eyes a while back. I looooove eyes. All my kids have distinct eyes and I love that about them. I can read my kids like a book through their big beautiful eyes. Feel free to join in and leave Sarah a comment to let her know you're participating. :)

I'm not going to label them. Can you guys guess who is who?

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Saturday, March 22, 2008


HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!
The kids had a blast today at the Easter party. It ran over an hour but they didn't notice one bit. They were having so much fun.
making Easter crafts

Decorating Easter cookies

Yes my daughter's hoodie looks filthy but it's all she'll wear as a jacket and it looks awful. I just washed it and it didn't come all the way clean. Ughhhh
Kemry working the Capri Sun
Alex wore a messy mouth with perfection
He was also very sweet about sharing his M&Ms with Kemry
Karson decorating his cookie
Snack time for the big guys

donno how this happened but I have a feeling Kemry had a part in it
Easter egg games

LOL Karson's egg just fell cute is he grinning at it?

Alex running to his mama with his egg in his hand and not on his spoon. lol
Kemry opted not to play but hang out by dad's leg instead

egg toss!
The wind was crazy!

playing outside

more egg games


Kemry, thanks to Karson's school egg hunt the other day, knew how to open the eggs to get the candy out. So of course she found one egg and that was all she needed! lol

Karson found 8 eggs and he has told the

The big kids had it much harder! Karaline is a searcher...she can find a needle in a haystack without a problem. She was very good at egg hunting!

Kollin spent so much time running to find the eggs, he found very few eggs. lol
Karly really racked up when she discovered those bushes!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

FFF - Easter memories

Favorite Friday Foto
Easter Memories
These are Easter pictures from a couple of years ago. Kemry wasn't with us yet, and we had no idea God would be leading us to her soon. We're very excited to celebrate our first Easter with Kemry home this year!
My kids don't love Easter for the hunting and finding the eggs. They love it for the peeling and eating the eggs. LOL Our eggs don't get hidden and found many times before they are consumed! LOL

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Working on the Weekend

Workin on the Weekend
This weekend we worked our rear ends off on house projects that have gotten behind. We got so much done but still have so much to do! We scraped the front door to be repainted. Just the peeling part kept them busy for hours!
John stripped our dining room table. I have been wanting to refinish it for a long time, but kept putting it off.
Another picture of the kids taking paint off our front door. lol
Karson helping daddy with the last bits of the paint on the front door. How cute are my guys with their matching safety goggles?
Karson is impressed
Then we had a fun St. Patrick's Day! It was my BIL's birthday, so we all went to my sister's house to surprise him after work with a little party.

Kemry loves Alex's dump truck
She really did love it although she doens't look like it here lol
See why my kids love Daniel? He's a goof ball!
Kemry grabbed the debbie! (That's what Alex was calling the cupcakes lol)
Karly focusing on something other than her new point shoes for just a moment.
Alex just eating the icing. lol
just like his cousin Karson
My handsome big boy all GREEN
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