Saturday, March 08, 2008


WHAT A WEEK! First of all John was out of town. I love for things to just stay on the DL when he's out of town. We sometimes lay out of everything except school and just veg at home (luckily he isn't out of town a lot lol). That didn't happen this week. On Monday, Karaline came home from school saying she had some potty issues that scared me to death. We rushed to the doctor and they discovered her protein levels in her urine were 300+ (under 20 is safe), extremely high levels of blood in her urine, and no infection. Ok I am unsure if I'm repeating this correctly but the doctor said protein is what holds the fluid in the blood vessels. Since she was loosing so much protein, her fluid was seeping from her vessels which caused her to be puffy. Also, it could be a sign of something very serious (and there were only a couple of NONserious options it could be). She stayed home from school on Tuesday because we had to watch for dizziness, headache, more puffiness, etc. as well as force her to drink tons of water so she wouldn't dehydrate. Too much for her poor teacher to keep up with. She felt fine though.

Look at my poor puffy girl

On Tuesday Karaline had to go back to the doctor at 3 for a recheck. Around 10 Kollin called from school to say his ankle was swollen and he couldn't walk on it. He didn't do a thing to it either. It has been doing this on and off for about a month but it never gets to the point where he cannot walk or has swelling. So he just went with us to the peds, had an xray, they think it's just a slightly inflamed ligament, but they cannot explain why it's causing so much pain. Karaline's protein was down to 30, but still needs to drop to below 20.

Kollin all iced up and propped up

Tuesday night Karaline had a program at school called Seussical Jr. She wasn't at school that day but went to the program that night because she has been SO excited about it. It was a great program and had me singing the Seuss songs for days. :) Karaline is in the red, second row 3rd from the left

Wednesday Kollin's foot was perfect like nothing had happened and Karaline went back to school. Thursday Karaline woke up swollen really bad and Kollin woke up unable to walk again. Both stayed home. Friday, Karaline went back to the doctor, got a much better report with the advise that we will have to watch her very closely with possible regular checks on her kidneys, and then I went to pick Kollin up, his teachers had to help him to the car because he couldn't walk again (even though it was completely better that morning). Friday afternoon I was ready for a break! I called my sisters to go out with me and my parents to babysit our kids. We went out to eat and to the movies. We saw SemiPro...VERY funny but probably one of the crudest movies I've ever seen. I have never heard so many bad words in my life! My sister sat there saying "I think we picked the wrong movie! I think we picked the wrong movie!" LOL We really needed a laugh though and Will Ferrell can ALWAYS accomplish that.

My sisters and I heading out -
Kayla (the baby), me (the old one lol), and Kasey (the middle child)

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Kate said...

What a week it was for you Kelly!! I pray that Karaline is ok and continues to be ok. And Kollin's foot??? That is strange!! I hope you get an answer to why he is in so much pain. And I am so happy you got a girls night out!!! You sure deserve it:)

Kristy said...

Sorry you had such a rough week! I hope it's nothing serious with Karaline (and Kollin)! I will say a prayer!! Keep us posted.

Glad you could go out with your sisters! By the way, your haircut looks great! :)

Hope you're having a good weekend!! :)

Debbie said...

Wow what a week!!! I feel for your daughter!! I pass a kidney stone this fall and it HURT!!!!! My first one ever!! I hope that doesn't happen to her!!! Bless her heart, I hope she gets well and your sons ankle gets better!!

Have a visit to our blog.....

Tara said...

What a terrible week for you and the kids. I am so happy that everyone is on the mend and that you got to sneak out for a few Will Ferrel giggles :) Big hugs to you momma!

Sarah said...

What a week Kelly! I can relate as I also had a week that was extremely difficult. Hoping this week is much better and glad you enjoyed some mental health time by going out and refreshing yourself! Many hugs!!

Kerri said...

Ugh! Sorry you had such a rough week. Hope this one will be better.
Kerri and Ruby

Mary Ann said...

I sure hope your two get better real soon! That is really scarey when you don't know what is wrong with them! Praying for a better weeek this week for you!

Mary Ann

Steve & Amy said...

Oh Kelly what a week!!! I think you need a day at the spa too:) Praying that everyone get beter soon!!!! {{{{Hugs}}}}

Amy said...

What a week...I pray that everyone has a clean bill of health very soon! And why is it that things always go haywire when daddy is out of town? That is always the case when my hubby goes out of town.

Ruthanne said...

What a week!! I'm so glad John is back and you got to go out with your sisters!!

Becca said...

Goodness gracious! Bless your heart. You're in my prayers.

Peace and Hugs,

samantha- mama to julian said...

Sending prayers and good thoughts to the kids. How weird to have 2 mystery illnesses at once.

LOVE the haircut by the way, very stylish!