Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Shortly after our last post our computer crashed!!! Ahhhh It has been rough. lol It's still being worked on, but we at least have one now until it's fixed. We're praying SUPER hard that we didn't loose all our family pictures and files. Before we lost the computer, Kemry was tagged by her little friend Sophia! :) I totally forgot about it until my computer was no longer.

A few facts about Kemry

1. Kemry is a FABULOUS sleeper. She naps for 2hrs usually twice a day and then goes to bed at 8 and sleeps without a peep all night until 8-9 the next morning. The only drawback, she will ONLY sleep in her crib with her fan on, the shade pulled, her glow-worm activated, the blankets placed perfectly on her.... No van napping, no vacation sleeping, none of that. :)
2. Kemry just started speech therapy...fun! ;)
3. Kemry is extremely physical and has better coordination than her mother. lol
4. Kemry is a DADDY'S GIRL
5. Kemry love kitties and Moooooo cows.
6. Kemry HATES (and hate is not a strong enough word) being in the van in her carseat.
7. Kemry's favorite book (she LOVES books) is Mine-O-Saur. To get me to read it, she brings it to me saying, "MINE MINE MINE" in a whiney voice because that's how mommy makes the Mine-o-saur talk in the book. lol
8. Kemry's favorite song is Party In My Tummy from Yo Gabba Gabba. I had to record it on my cell phone and let her watch it when we're out when she's starting to unravel. She breaks into dance the second she hears it.
9. Kemry is FEARLESS and not a bit afraid of heights because she would climb to the roof if I turned my back long enough.
10. Kemry loves eating cheerios for a morning snack, but she has to have it perfectly neat. Cheerios (or whatever dry cereal) in the bowl, juice in her cup, sitting on the couch with it all perfectly arranged. If a cheerio falls out the world falls apart until she can get it back into the bowl. With her snack, at least, she's extremely tidy. Toys & clothes (oh my goodness she LOVES to drag out clothes and scatter them around), that's a different story. lol
11. Her nickname is Kemry Pie and my nephew, Alex, calls her Pie Pie
12. Kemry is such a very happy, smiley little girl that brightens our days. She's a determined, smart, observant little girl that will go so very far in life with the natural drive she has. :)

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Kate said...

I am glad you are back on-line and I pray you can get back your pictures and stuff!! Kemry pie I LOVE IT!!!

Marsha said...

We lost one of our home computers right before this last christmas. Luckily there wasn't anything on that computer that wasn't already copied somewhere else.

BTW YOu have a really nice blog. Your children are adorable.

samantha- mama to julian said...

goodness...what i would pay to have a kid that insisted on keeping his cheerios IN a cup? it's not a meal at our house until there has been some substantive amount of food put in the hair, under the bottom, up the sleeve, in the diaper, and of course strewn about the room. and that's a good day right there. :)
hope your photos are ok!!!

Kristy said...

I'm glad you are back...I was wondering where you were?? It's amazing what they can do with computers these days...we lost one at one point, but were able to retrieve the hard drive (don't ask me how, but we did- lol)!! :)

If not, THANKFULLY you have your blog...I know it's not the same, but at least you would have some pictures...from your blog. :) Hopefully, you won't have to worry about it though!!!! :)

Are you planning on going to Guatoberfest this year??

Ruthanne said...

That is an AWESOME sleep schedule--guess all that gate-vaulting really wears her out. ;)

A neat snacker, huh? That sounds pretty nice--do you think Kemry could teach Andrew how to do that? I usually just put his cereal right on the floor since that's where it's going to end up anyway. lol