Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our prayers are with the Chapman family

My alarm clock came on somewhere in the 5am vicinity this morning. Normally I don't wake up or even know it's on (John is the family alarm clock), but this morning I heard the words that would bring any parent to their knees. Stephan Curtis Chapman's 5 yr old daughter, Maria, had been accidentally killed by a vehicle. This is one of my worst fears (as I'm sure it is for all mothers) and one of the areas of my life that I am a complete lunatic about. If anyone is leaving from or coming to our home, I am a frantic, counting mess. I think it's because it's one of those things that doesn't seem to be preventible. When it happens, it's always a completely freak accident usually to wonderful families that are diligent about protecting and watching their children. Good parents, parents that are living their lives for their children and want nothing more than their safety.

I have always loved Steven Curtis Chapman, not just because he's a Christian music star, but because he has such a love for children and adoption (he has 3 adopted from China, including little Maria who passed away last night as well as 3 bio children). His faith and his heart are huge. He and his wife have done so much to raise awareness of International Adoption and even started an organization to help people finance their adoptions, Shaohannah's Hope. Many of my friends may not have been able to adopt their children without this organization. Many children have loving families because of the Chapman's organization.

Please pray for the healing of this family. I cannot even isn't even something mother's can allow their hearts to think about without breaking down.. In lieu of flowers, the Chapman family has requested donations to Shaohannah's Hope in memory of Maria. Wouldn't it be amazing to fill their ministry to the brim with donations so that Maria could live on through other sweet children like herself having the opportunity to be adopted?

Also this is a video they have set up showing what Maria was like in her short beautiful little life. In Memory of Maria

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Kathy said...

How awful for the family. Such a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.