Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yesterday was my sweet baby girl's 11th birthday and I didn't have one second to get a post about it put on my blog (I will mention why later). I CANNOT BELIEVE Karly is 11. How in the WORLD does this sort of thing happen??? It just seems like yesterday I went into the hospital to be induced (on our anniversary which is May fancy anniversary dinner was IV fluids ha ha). She was born on the 13th and then spent 8 days in the NICU. She proved she was a fighter regardless of how small she was and those two things haven't changed because she's still a tiny fighter! She is such a tough nut and isn't afraid of anything from competing with the neighborhood boys to performing crazy back flips that make her look like a rubber band. She is super competitive but you would never know by her personality. She has the sweetest personality. She has earned the nickname "sunshine" at home and school because her cheery smile can brighten any room or any day.

Now for the reason I've been a bad blogger:

Within 20 days this month we had/have had, 13 field trips between 3 kids (one was overnight), 4 doctor's appointments & 3 speech therapy sessions as well as a home evaluation, a band performance, a chorus performance, 12 soccer games, 2 family birthdays and 2 "outside the family" parties to attend, our anniversary, 2 school registrations, a ballet recital, a preschool graduation, a 5th grade graduation, a DARE graduation, and an awards day at 2 different schools on the same day. Of course I try to chaperone every field trip and attend every event or game the kids have.

Within the last 32 hours, not including 2 field trips, chorus performance, our anniversary, a birthday, and a speech appt, we have had Xrays on Karly's arm, Karson got a gash on his head that nearly needs stitches, Kemry stepped on hidden glass (great story the kids told me later) and cut both feet, Karaline fell off the retaining wall skinning her leg really bad, and Karaline (and our new kitten) got bitten by the neighbor's usually very friendly dog.

IF I don't loose it before I get a free break, I have tons of pictures to upload from all these events (the happy ones, not the traumatic ones).

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Becca said...

Oh my Word! Sonuds like you need a nap. Happy Birthday to your Baby Girl! (who is eleven!)

Peace and Hugs,

Kathy said...

Holy Moly!!! I am tired just reading all of those activities! Happy 11th Birthday to Karly!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Happy Birthday Karly! Wow, 11 years old. I bet you wonder where the time goes.

And why do they wait until the end of the year to do field trips? You need to rest! Don't worry about blogging just sit down and put your feet up : )

samantha- mama to julian said...

i am uttery exhausted just reading your post! and i thought i had a lot going on. happy birthday karly. i love what you did with that photo.

all my best your way!!

Kerri said...

Happy birthdya, Karly!!!

Hope things settle down soon at home!

Kerri and Ruby

Kristy said...

Wow!! Glad you're all doing well...just extremely busy!! You must be worn out!! I was beginning to worry something was wrong!

Happy Birthday Karly!

Dewey & Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Karly!!!

Wow Kelly, how do you do it??? I thought I was busy, and my days don't come close to comparing to yours. I hope you can fit in a hot bath to relax a bit.
Have a great week

Ruthanne said...

I still don't understand why you couldn't find time for your blogger buddies. ;)

Seriously, I don't know how you do it!! That's an insane schedule!!!

Laurie said...

OMG you sound like my sister that has 4 kids! You all are truly supermoms. I don't see how you do it! I hope things settle down and you can breathe at least for......ummmm 4 hours maybe! :)

Steve & Amy said...

Happy belated birthday Karly! I think you are the next superhero...Super Kelly! I am running around with just one involved with things....I can't imagine what you go through! Hopefully things slow down for just a bit for need a 2 minute vacation:)

Jillicious said...


Anytime I complain on my blog that our lives out busy... come link this post to my comments! hee hee!

I enjoyed reading your blog! come back and visit soon!

Jill @ leskofamily.blogspot