Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 5 Chicago

A Day at Dave & Busters with Tim, Amie, & Lucas
Amie (redru2005 from and I met each other during our adoptions of Kemry and Lucas. We actually got out of PGN on the same day! Lucas is a DOLL baby and Amie is wonderful! Thanks, guys, for meeting up with us!

Kemry agrees with me

She quickly decided she really liked Lucas' daddy too!

The games were a BLAST too!

They scored some LOOT!
Still floating from the sugar rush they got from all the candy they got at the ticket redemption counter

The Museum of Science & Industry
This place was VERY neat! We are a bigtime science-minded family, so we were in heaven here. It was a bit crowded (because we didn't realize before we went that it was a FREE day).

My pictures turned out horrible because so much of it was dark and flash wasn't allowed.

This was, by far, our favorite part of the muesum. The DNA division - TOTALLY our thing! Ok MY thing, but my kids really enjoyed it too. lol We saw cloned mice, potato bugs, & frogs. The kids got to do DNA demonstrations. The kids really enjoyed the baby chick hatchery where baby chicks were hatching all the time.
I totally live with a bunch of clowns! :)
This was another neat exhibit. The kids love the Eye-Spy books and the museum had eye spy ROOMs. We stayed there a long time because we couldn't move on until they found everything in every room. lol

This was really neat too although i couldn't get a good pic of it. It was a projection screen with colorful bubbles on it. Your shadow could move and manipulate the bubbles, even mix the colors of them. The kids had to practically fight to get up there, but once they did, they loved it!
SPACE! Kollin really enjoyed the space exhibit! Karly was pouty at this exhibit.
We cannot even tell you guys what a BLAST we had in Chicago! We just expected to go and hang out for a few days while John was there on business, but it turned into one of the best "vacations" we have ever had. I'm worried now that the beach later this summer is going to bore my kids to death after they experienced Chicago. :)

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 4 Chicago

Navy Pier

This place is amazing during the day, but even more amazing at night!!! I can imagine it would make the perfect date, but it worked super well for a big family too. :) There's so much to do you could easily spend a whole day there. We wanted to do more and didn't have time (like take a boat tour).

I stole these next two stock photos to show how huge Navy Pier is

We ate dinner at McDonald's The Future. The kids loved it. Kollin noted that the most futuristic thing about it were the elevated prices. HA HA

The most important thing the kids wanted to do at Navy Pier was ride the GIANT ferris wheel of course.
I nearly chickened out standing in line looking up at this.
We could have easily fit in one seat together with room for more but they split us up instead. John, Kemry, and Kollin were together behind us.
The city lit up from the top of the ferris wheel was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't get a clear picture because I was SO shaky!!!!!! LOL I didnt like having to get so close to the side to stick my camera out the glass.

Here are my big guys on the huge swings

Then we went to see Buckingham Fountain at night. It's GORGEOUS! the lights inside the fountain and the force of the water are both synchronized to the patriotic music playing through the park. And it's HUGE. It was one of my favorite things about Chicago!

My own little Ocean's 6. ;)

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