Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 4 Chicago

Navy Pier

This place is amazing during the day, but even more amazing at night!!! I can imagine it would make the perfect date, but it worked super well for a big family too. :) There's so much to do you could easily spend a whole day there. We wanted to do more and didn't have time (like take a boat tour).

I stole these next two stock photos to show how huge Navy Pier is

We ate dinner at McDonald's The Future. The kids loved it. Kollin noted that the most futuristic thing about it were the elevated prices. HA HA

The most important thing the kids wanted to do at Navy Pier was ride the GIANT ferris wheel of course.
I nearly chickened out standing in line looking up at this.
We could have easily fit in one seat together with room for more but they split us up instead. John, Kemry, and Kollin were together behind us.
The city lit up from the top of the ferris wheel was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't get a clear picture because I was SO shaky!!!!!! LOL I didnt like having to get so close to the side to stick my camera out the glass.

Here are my big guys on the huge swings

Then we went to see Buckingham Fountain at night. It's GORGEOUS! the lights inside the fountain and the force of the water are both synchronized to the patriotic music playing through the park. And it's HUGE. It was one of my favorite things about Chicago!

My own little Ocean's 6. ;)

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Christina said...

I love the Navy Pier and these are really beautiful pictures of it at night time. Let me know the next time you come through would of been great to get together.

Oh by the way my oldest daughter is getting ready to move to Chicago for college so I will have to let you know how the Navy Pier on date nite is when she takes her boyfriend..LOL.

Kathy said...

Navy Pier looks so cool! And that McDonald's is huge. Love your son's joke about the prices. Not sure I would have gone up in the ferris wheel either...that thing is huge!!!

Laurie said...

How much fun! I feel like I have been to Chicago this summer too! :)

Maria and Family said...

OMgosh!! Your pics are beautiful !! I have never been to Chicago ...would love to go one day. Maria

Ruthanne said...

Kollin is hilarious--and very accurate. lol
There is a lot to do at Navy Pier, but it requires a lot of time and a lot of money. :)

LOVE your pics of Buckingham Fountain. I can't wait until you guys come back. Andrew and I are going to tag along EVERYWHERE you go!!! LOL