Sunday, July 20, 2008


Florida - Days 1, 2, & 3

I'm finally getting these posted and I think I am going to put them into 2 posts because there's just so much to post. :) These are an odd mix of the first 3 days and not in any order.

This was our first trip flying with 5 kids and in addition to that, we had my youngest sister who had never flown (and had always sworn she would NEVER fly). A little bit of medication and we got her on the plane with no security issues. LOL Everyone is pooped here after the drive to the airport, getting stuck in dead still trafic, and running through the airport like we were filming Home Alone. LOL

Kayla and Karly ready for take off.
Karson and Karaline....Karson being the pro after flying to Guatemala with us. Karaline was a bit nervous but LOVED it like her mommy after take off.

Kemry was a bit insane....she felt right at home on the plane and immediately took her shoes off and started climbing around all over everyone. :)

Meanwhile, Kayla gripped her Bible and prayed.

We made it! :)
Kayla was MUCH happier with her feet on the ground. LOL

Kemry wanted to be as far into the ocean as she could get. If anyone was deeper than she was, she wanted us to take her. lol

My weirdo sister LOL

We saw TONS of these little blue jellyfish like things. They were about the size of a bottle cap, but several times they touched us and didn't sting. I don't know what they were. We of course saw lots of big regular jellies too, but these had us wondering the whole time.
These last 4 were some of my favorite pictures from the first 3 days. :)
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Laurie said...

What GREAT pictures. Looks like you all had an awesome time! That last picture is priceless. Looks like a Calendar back cover candidate. :)

Kathy said...

Great pictures! Your sister could fly with my mother. She blesses herself at take off and landing. It still amazes me that she went to Guatemala with me twice!

Love the picture of the kids in the beach chairs. Too cute. You take great pictures...what kind of camera do you have?

Mary Ann said...

All the pictures are great! Your sweet little Kemry is a baby doll!
I can not imagine flying with all 5 of our kids! Yikes!

Amy said...

OMG...could that last pic be any cuter! should enter it into a contest or something. I fell in love with it instantly.

Looks like everyone had a great time despite some flying concerns. Looking forward to more pics.

Hannah said...

I love the pictures. I love the one with all the kids in the chairs from a distance. I love the last one in B&W too it is great.

But my favorite is your sister on the plane with her Bible and headphones. That was exactly what I looked like on the way to Guatemala!! I am terrified of flying and only fly for babies! The picture cracked me up.

Can't wait to see more!


Heidi said...

Are you guys always on vacation! I am jealous....again! Your kids are adorable and your sister looks like a lot of fun. Emmi used to have Kemry's swimsuit. So cute!

Our Family of 5 said...

Really Kelly, You should seriously take photos on the side. You do a great job. The last photo is just wonderful!! Looks like everyone had a great time.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love all the pics! You are so brave to take 5 kids on a plane including one toddler! LOVE the last pic of Kemry - just priceless!

Ruthanne said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That last picture is AMAZING!!! How do you do that????

I LOVE the one of all the kids in the beach chairs, too. Adorable.

Amy said...

I agree with Ruthanne, that is SUCH a fantastic picture! Looks like a really great time!

samantha- mama to julian said...

i want to have summer with you guys.
how fun!