Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Monday was the first day of school here. I have missed my guys so much this week. In addition to that, Karson started Kindergarten! AHHHH he has been my little buddy here at the house and I don't know what I'll do without him. It's not easy any year, but when one of them is starting K, it's even harder. So now I have kids in 7th, 6th, 3rd, K, and Kemry will start preschool next month. They're growing up TOO FAST FOR ME!
Here they are on Karson's 1st day of school and the big guys' 2nd day of school (Karson won't go full time until after labor day).

Our carline is a big circle in front of the school. This is what I saw as I was coming up on the other side of the circle that afternoon. My little Karson (if you don't look closely you can't even see him he's so little lol) sitting there waving like crazy to his mama. :) Yep I was taking pictures out my van window. ROFL
Plus in addition to school starting, football has started, band has started, ballet has started, and if I let her (because she's so busy and doesn't kow when to say no), Karly is going to be trying out for volleyball this week and that will be even MORE that has started. This is Kollin's 1st football scrimmage. He's in in the back #24 in the white jersey/green pants.

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jill marie said...

Oh, this all sounds so familiar, and I only have ONE school-aged! She did volleyball this past year and did not love it... thank goodness since she cheerleads,plays softball, does the play, etc! hee hee!

I am so happy that your kids are all starting a FUN new school year!

Cindy said...

Oh Kelly,
They are all so big.
Karson looks so proud in the top picture! What are you going to do when Kemry goes to preschool?!?

Natalie said...

Whew, I am tired just reading about it- LOL We still have three full weeks until school starts for us! Karson looks soooo adorable. I agree that Kindergarten is such a rough transition for mommy :) Kollin looks like a bruiser in his football attire!

Ruthanne said...

Karson looks muy guapo on his first day of school. What a big boy. How can you stand it?!?
I'm so excited the Kollin is liking football. Can't wait to see more pics of him this fall.

Vanessa said...

My son started school yesterday and my two girls will go to preschool one day a week starting next Friday and I think they're going to do better than me!! I had a really hard time with my baby girl turning 2!!
I wish I would've known you were so close to Pigeon Forge because we went there in July with some adoptive friends for a Guatemala circle of friends reunion! We;ll have to let you know next time!!

Kerri said...

What a week! Karson looks so cute with his sibs on the first day.
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

Our Family of 5 said...

OH My gosh. What do you and Kemry do all day? They all look fantastic. Kollin is such a cutie. Good luck to him for a winning season. Frankie is #23 and plays linebacker. His first game isn't until the 30th and the kids start school on the 20th. Wahoo!

Kathy said...

Cute pic of the kids going off to school. I agree that they grow up too fast. Man, you will be busy!!!

Mary Ann said...

Our school has always started this early in the past but this year we start back on the 21st. I know how you feel about letting on go to Kindergarden. It is always so said to let your baby go. I am sure he loved it and will do great. Your kids are all getting so big.Sara Ava will start K next year. Waaaa!
Then I will have 4 in school too!
Loved all the sweet pictures!

Carla said...

What a sad day for you and Kemry, and such a happy day for them. Karson is ADORABLE in that pic of him holding his nametag. I could just eat that boy up.

Carla said...

What a sad day for you and Kemry, and such a happy day for them. Karson is ADORABLE in that pic of him holding his nametag. I could just eat that boy up.

M & J said...

How cute!!! Did you notice how long your kids legs are when they are all standing together?!?! LOL!! I'm jealous!!!

Hope this week you guys start getting into the groove of things!!

BTW a from one lake lover to another... we spent this past weekend at the lake and it was wonderful!!!