Saturday, August 09, 2008

Together for Adoption

Together For Adoption Conference

I know there are lots of SC adoptive families in blog land and I was wondering if any of you are going to this conference in Greenville, SC. I just ran across it when a friend of mine sent me the link & I really want to attend. It looks great! Plus we are close enough that we could just drive down and drive back without having to stay overnight (although a night away with hubby doesn't sound like the worst idea lol). Let me know (jokellyne @ aol . com) if any of you are going or in the area and maybe we can meet up!

Together for Adoption Conference, Greenville, SC
Saturday, November 1, 2008
Together for Adoption wants Christians to think vertically about adoption and allow the truth of vertical adoption (i.e. God adopting them) to shape how they think about orphan care and horizontal adoption. We want Christians, whether or not they are considering adopting a child themselves, to reflect on their vertical adoption.

Why Attend?
Deepen your understanding of the gospel of grace
Learn about Scripture's life-changing teaching on adoption
See what it means to reflect God’s heart for adoption in your own life and church.
Examine the church's mandate to visit orphans in their affliction (James 1:27).
Interact with church leaders, theologians, and adoption professionals.
Learn from other churches and leaders about how to implement a ministry of orphan care and adoption in your life and church.
An opportunity to
visit Greenville, SC!

Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008
Southside Fellowship (Greenville, SC)
Main Sesssion Speakers: Rick Phillips, Russell Moore, Carl Robbins, Tullian Tchividjian, and Dan Cruver.
Conference Schedule: Visit

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Steve & Amy said...

Wished we lived closer so we could come! Have a great time!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kelley,
I got your message on my blog. We live about 2 1/2 hrs. from Greenville, in SC.I will check in to the conference though. Thanks for thinking of us!

Katie said...

I will be there .... I live in Greenville :)

Bryan, Amy, Tyler, Harrison and Haley said...

Hello. You have a beautiful site and a gorgeous family. We two adopted a little girl from Guatemala. We brought our daughter home in Aug. She is now thirteen months. God is good. Thanks for posting the many avenues in which to help the Mayan pop. Haley is Mayan and we could not be more proud. We are very active with adoptavillage and work with them.