Friday, August 22, 2008


Favorite Friday Fotos
You can't beat a southern familly reunion! :) Lots of good BBQ, cole slaw, corn on the cob, baked beans, watermelon, and all the cobbler you can ask for. I got to meet a lot of John's family I had never met and see faces we haven't gotten to see in a long time. Some kids have grown up since the last time we saw them and are now getting married! ACK! It definitely made us feel old!

John, his brother, and the kids fishing off the dock.
This hill was a monster! The kids ran up and down it like it was nothing but us grown ups could barely do it once.

Kemry wondering who in the world all these people were oohing and aahing over her.
Karson blowing bubbles with Uncle Logan
This picture cracks me up. My FIL took the picture and it describes our family perfectly. Me trying to get the perfect shot of the kids in action, Kemry sucking someone's drink dry, and John lounging in the background trying hard to stay out of the limelight.

Had to play around with this picture a bit....loved it of Kemry looking out at the lake.

My FIL bringing Kemry back from her lake gazing. :)

mid- afternoon grilled cheeses for the babies who were getting hungry again (Can you look at her and see how HOT it was. It was miserably hot)
Not too hot for daddy to catch a catnap.

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Stacey and Dewey said...

Wow, what a fun family reunion!! Love the group shot with the colored shirts for each family. All the pics are beautiful, but the one with Kemry looking out at the lake is priceless.
Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Oh gosh - as I was scrolling through your pictures I kept thinking "Oh, that's my favorite. No, no, that's my favorite. Nope, that's got to be my favorite!" I give up! I can't pick just one. They are all PERFECT! Daddy & Kemry, Logan & Karson blowing bubbles, Kemry lake gazing...they are all just gorgeous!

Sarah said...

What a fun day!! I can just imagine the laid back fun you must have had!!

Leslie said...

Looks like you guys had fun!!! Love the pics of all the cute kids of yours!

Amanda said...

Looks fun.. your pictures are always so beautiful!

Violet said...

I love the black and white picture of Kamry with your FIL. I just lost my grandpa last month and it's such a bittersweet picture. He is my "adopted" grandpa as he married my grandma when I was a preteen but, he treated my more like a princess and I loved him so.

What a special picture for her to have.

pureheaven said...

You take AMAZING pictures. Love the ones of Kemry looking into the lake. Family reunions are always so much fun. Have a great weekend.

Debbie said...

What gorgeous pictures of your fun time with your family. Looks like it was a blast!!

I am sending you an email....


Hannah said...

All the pictures are great. You are a very good photographer!!

I love the one your FIL took, that is pretty much what our times look like too! My son will actually tell me to put the camera down!


Mary Ann said...

Looks like you all had a great time! As always I love all the pictures!

Our Family of 5 said...

You always take the best pictures of your family. It always seems the Cash Crew has something fun going on. Your one busy momma!

Ella Marie Boutique said...

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Lori and Jeremy West said...

OK Kelly - Not only do you have me beat in the shear number of pictures you take (though my kids think I take too many) - but you are so organized to actually get them edited some, on the web . . . all the while - raising 5 kids, school starting, etc. :) I've got to know your secret! :)

I can't believe Kemry is such a big girl now! where did that time go? Wendy will have been home 1 year on Sept 7th! Yikes! She's starting preschool too!
Love you guys!

Laurie said...

I LOVE family reunions. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Ruthanne said...

What a fun day!! I like John's idea of a family reunion. ;)

samantha- mama to julian said...

why are you always off somewhere doing something cool and fun? i need to start following you around to make my life a bit more interesting! :)

Kathy said...

The reunion looked like fun! Love the color matching. Kelly, you take such great pics. You should do it professionally! But it is hard to take bad pictures of your beautiful children. I love the pics of Kemry lake gazing!! Just precious!!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Look like you guys had fun! Doesn't it make you feel old when you realize a "kid" you haven't seen in a while is getting married and you still think of them as an 8 yr old! Love the pics of Kemry gazing at the lake and the one your FIL took - too funny!

What kind of camera do you have your pics always look so good?!?

Dena said...

What a cute family!!! And I LOVE that one of Kemry and you FIL!!!