Friday, September 05, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Favorite Foto Friday

I had every intention of scanning old photos in this week to follow Sarah's theme of baby pictures, but I didn't get a chance. Here are some of my favorites from the week though. :) It's such a good idea though and I will for sure when time allows!


BIG BAD Karson

This week was my dad's birthday so we all gathered at their house for a Labor Day/birthday cookout :) It was so much fun!

My dad playing volleyball - another year older didn't keep him down

Nanny & Mammaw

Kemry's outfit wasn't tied right and kept falling off her shoulders which drives me crazy, but I loved this picture anyway. This is Lucy, our lab we had to leave at my parents house when we moved to our house. She loves to run and we just didn't have the yard space (or time to walk her as much as she would need) when we moved. She is very happy at my mom and dad's with our other dog (a sheltie/lab mix)
Alex getting some air on the trampoline! :)

WHY do trampolines make them so dirty?????
LOOK at that face! LOL
AND this one! LOL

This picture cracked me up. Kayla, a "real" volleyball player, was so serious and showed Karly how she had to stand. Kemry came running through and posed just like them.
The guys - John, my BIL Daniel (who's acting like an idiot here lol), and Kollin (who dressed himself, promise I didn't have anything to do with that matching job lol)
Kollin and Lucy

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